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Tom Hickey (TomH59@aol.com)

I like your notion of alignment. Spiritual alignment must come first or the rest is just a lot of gas.

Did you know that what you propose about creating a playing field is very similar to the Delphi technique for problem-solving that was developed by the RAND Corporation during WW II? They would circulate a problem to experts for solution and then circulate the proposed solutions to all the members of the group. This process continued until a good solution emerged. It was such an effective technology that it was classified as top secret until after the war. Since then it has been used by large corporations, management consultants, etc. It's time this kind of cooperative strategy was put to more holistic use.

I like the idea of cyberspace as the new campus, and am all for cooperation of like minds and hearts in advancing the Invisible University...having a way to interact is essential.

Different circles are being formed and these are the same circles that form and reform over millenia, on the way to the Realization of their members. Each one of us can do no more than re-form and rejoin our circle again this time around, and play the game as best we can. But the field is just too big for all the games that are going on to interact consciously.

In my experience, being able to accept everything is the door to the inner planes...Getting through that door of acceptance...requires that one transcend individual desire...and so bring one's will into conformity with the Divine Will in the realization that what is, is; yet what can be, ought to be.

I totally agree with the statement from Inside the Intelligence, "It is all surrender, all acceptance, all non-attachment to outcome." This is the message of all Avatars.

Arjuna Da Silva (MaArjuna@aol.com)

In an upscale mood for the moment, I acknowledge our work to become that which has never been born and will never die. Gangaji says it is a question of what we identify with and of course the old habit of identifying is humongous. Community is important to me because it continues to provide in one way or another the best set of mirrors in which to see how I'm identifying with the maximum amount of soft fuzzies available in one place. You know that and have been practicing it to the best of your ability for a long time.

Happy to have found you on the planet in this lifetime.

Tom Hickey (TomH59@aol.com)

Glad to have your musing on the crop cirlces and the beautiful poetry. While I can appreciate all the excitement about "contact," my masters have revealed that there are many other planets in the Universe with life on them and even some with human life. They also emphasized that Earth is at present the only place that one can unfold the full potential of human awareness in God-Realization. Even though human life on some other planets is more intelligent intellectually than we are, they are not capable of the level of love we can develop here. Full God-Realization requires 100% love in order to unite the lower self with the Higher Self, overcome duality, and gain Unity. According to the teaching I received, every human being on Earth has what they need to do this within themselves, and the Perfect Masters and Avatars are there to help us out if we sincerely ask. (Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive, knock and it will be opened unto you.) So, yes, I agree, "alignment" is what is needed. The lower self must align itself perfectly with the Higher Self, and this is the outcome of the spiritual practice undertaken by the lower self, together with grace from the Higher Self.

Nori Muster (PFPFNews@aol.com)

I think we're climbing up multiple spiral staircases, which are like those pictures of our DNA. We see other people who are above us and below us on any given staircase. We are in a position to help those below us and learn from those above us & share the experience with everyone equally.

...it's important to work with allies because there is an energy beginning to boil up in our culture. I've been corresponding about this with friends on the Internet & many feel we (who are ready to live in the Aquarian age) are reaching critical mass.

...If I am centered in peacefulness, I can express my outrage & ideas about what happened in the Hare Krishna movement...I now perceive that I WAS ONE OF THE BAD GUYS. I was not above it; in fact I was doing their P.R., covering up for who the hell knows what. I did it blindly, but now I've written a book about it, "Betrayal of the Spirit," to come clean. If I waffle & try to defend what they did, it is out of a natural instinct to cover up my part in it. That's just human, but once aware of it, I can integrate the information & change.

I suspect something big is happening for the people who are aware of it. We actually can exist in a changed and more loving world, while others exist in a parallel reality where nothing in particular is happening.

It seems as if everything in life is undergoing a dramatic change. Relationships seem to be all the more important as the changes happen. I see society opening up & becoming more enlightened. I believe it's all about love.

Simon Peter Fuller (106160.235@compuserve.com)

Just a quickie to thank you as always for all your enthusiasm and gracious hospitality during my recent visit to Los Angeles. Only sorry you did not feel my 'updating' evening fulfilled your expectations -- can't win 'em all! Many, though, did pick up on the energy available that evening and ultimately THAT is all that is necessary and all I am actually trying to convey. Tour going well. Hope all well with you and all the others. Love and light to you all.

I am looking to advance the action, so that your mission grows instead of just repeats itself, and for you not to burn out. You are so especially qualified to deliver your stated objective, "To promote the understanding that humanity and all other lifeforms are an inseparable part of ONE evolving unit of consciousness -- the Supreme Intelligence called 'God'." You've stated it beautifully in "The Universal Church of Love," which I think is a brilliant piece. I don't think you even know how incredibly insightful and compelling you are in this murky territory. You have discerned the pattern, and it is a wondrous gift. You can be powerful as the mapmaker. After your first presentation, when you tell all that makes you who you are and what you believe, harping on any of that is redundant. Your job is to be part of this new configuration, beaming what it is, magnetizing everything so that everyone weaves it together. I know you sense this, as you keep saying that it is old-fashioned for you to be the leader. It's a new leadership that's in order, where you guide us into the next movement where we all gratefully occupy your map.

Your receiving the information, and the extraordinary nature of it coming spontaneously on a word processor, is background. Your insight is the magic. You have been served by your sources of info. When Marianne Williamson tells you about life, she bases her work on A Course in Miracles, but it's her that's hot, not the materials as authority. This is actually the way out of duality and Piscean presentation. There is a one-pointedness, and your challenge is to hold the point. People may raise eyebrows at non-human word processing, just like they might wonder about the Course coming from a channel, but with Marianne it is irrelevant whether people believe in channeling, and you are not dependent on your sources for what you know."

Gregory Blann (104533.616@compuserve.com)

...even though we practice Islam faithfully, it is from a very broad understanding of unity that we teach it and appreciate it, without dismissing the unitive dimensions of any other paths.

I find this eleventh hour work on bringing together the traditions intriguing and I'm still looking as to where it could go.

John Futterman (jahf@hooked.net)

I checked out your Website. I would urge you as a group to have a healthy skepticism about yourselves, as well as a sense of humor. What St. Paul wrote about himself 2000 years ago is still freshly applicable to us today: "When I wish to do nothing but good, evil is close at my side." I felt you are too quick to identify yourselves as a "pocket of light" as opposed to Bosnia as a "pocket of darkness." I believe the unassailably correct statement is that you want to be a pocket of light, that you are trying to be a pocket of light, and that with the help of God's spirit, you may indeed be a pocket of light, in spite of the ways in which we humans are so clever about going astray. Sometimes there is darkness simply in too much earnestness. Have a chuckle.

Light is light. No trying. Can't help shining. Stay plugged in.

Kaan Erdal (kaan.erdal@agouron.com)

Is always a pleasure to spend time with you in your wonderful and spiritual home. Life is a divine experience and is always exciting to meet great souls like you. Take care of yourself; we need you for a long, long time.

Simon Peter Fuller (106160.235@compuserve.com)

Off to see the latest Circle on Milk Hill today - probably the grand finale for this season - it was shown in full colour in the mainstream press last week. Peter Sorensen is supplying me with his graphics again - I sold over 300 sets on my last tour and paid him his annual commission. Good arrangement, thanks to your introduction to him, and ensures through the Wholistic World Vision network that we get these images OUT without hassle and personality overlay.

I appreciate your concern for "awakening the world" - it has been my active passion as you know for over 10 years now. But at this stage in my work I am more influenced by the book you gave me, Power vs Force, and know that it is in BEING and consciously raising our own vibrations that the greatest service of all is done. After all, as they say, we are human BEINGS - NOT human DOINGS! On the last tour, the new direction for my work was in facilitating 'retreats' for aware people to actually feel and experience the energy - primarily through living for awhile with an open heart chakra. This more than anything else will I believe lead to igniting the critical mass among a very few people (I know we are almost there). All is prepared for the massive shifts now about to come in (probably later this year), and this is when the teachers must ensure that THEY themselves are vibrating at the highest possible frequency - otherwise all our efforts so far will have been wasted. We each came this time to consciously ascend into a higher dimension and noone else can do it for us.

So dear Suzanne - RELAX & ENJOY (why not book a holiday?) AND AWAIT THOSE MAGIC SYNCHRONICITIES that come to all who have done enough INNER work to genuinely allow them to LIVE THE LOVING & WALK THE TALK in their everyday expression.

Hmmm. Hmmm. What is fun anymore? I'm sure we must be describing the same reality, and it is just a semantic thing, so we recognize we are in the same swim.

No argument on each person being God, and that God has a good time. What that is is the creative question. What does God do/how does God be? I am starving for comeraderie. Losing Lex was a wrench. He was stimulating at the highest level. I jumped lifetimes on his shoulders. Where are you on the intimacy thing, where energy going out to "them," which does feel like unbalanced service that gets old, can be shifted to a small circle?

I don't share your conclusion that all is in place for something later this year. That would be an interesting piece of news. But it could be New Age speciousness.

I still find the circles the most marvelous of contemplations. How does something that's not human think and decide? There is such choiceful artistry involved!

I love the idea of your retreats and "living for awhile with an open heart chakra." You have this way of going direct -- like the idea that we all have a blueprint to fulfill -- that I see as lifelines. They are so pure and true and held in such heartfeltness by you that they generate the needed magic of authenticity for this age ahead. Don't you love to be gracious? I do. I would love to host such retreats. Let's do them together. Let's just get people to DO IT...and then bask in IT. Fun, fun, fun.

Guy Mount (swtlight@snowcrest.net)

I'm a retired High School teacher concerned with providing a message for teenagers that will offset the damage done by the DARE program and High Times Magazine. What message do you think we should send young people? I'm also responsible for raising three children, so these lessons are personally vital. Even if marijuana were made legal tomorrow, we wouldn't have accomplished much unless we also provide teachings for respectful use. Ha. But I'm just a teacher who sounds like a preacher, but is really only a poor pitiful messenger.

Gregory Blann (104533.616@compuserve.com)

I definitely have this feeling of being on the edge of something essential, yet non-traditional, in the direction of spiritual emancipated realization of unity that has to be buttressed with the creative energy of a group of like-minded experienced spiritual practitioners.

Robert Theobald (rtheobald@igc.apc.org)

In today's TV and Internet society, it is possible for a surge of public opinion to be triggered by an event which then alters the "game" which everybody has to play for ever. I think Diana's death was one such event. The task is to be sure that the energies are in place at the time of the event to capitalize on it for moving in the best direction possible. One of the things which is taken for granted is that it will take a long time for challenges to our current socioeconomic structures to manifest. I, on the other hand, am convinced that they might come at any time. I think there is a receptivity to a message of positive hope which simply is not understood by the media.

Robert Theobald

You have to be British, and older, as I am, to appreciate fully the extraordinary flavor of the first week in September. We don't strew flowers around. We don't sob in the streets in the millions. We don't create icons and legends.

It's naive to blame the Royal Family for not reacting as they should. Asked at the time of Diana's death what would happen, nobody would have predicted the depth and scope of the grief. They were doomed to play catch-up.

Part of the sorrow was understandable. Here was a deeply fallible woman who had suffered greatly and was apparently about to find happiness. A radiant human being cut off will always bring grief and anger. There were even elements of Greek tragedy, where the weaknesses of the players combined to produce dire results.

It is my belief, however, that the resonance would not have been nearly as great if it had not tapped into two deeper streams which have been looking for an event in order to manifest themselves. One involves the media.

The anger against the media goes far beyond the paparazzi. The vengeful cry to pull down anybody who has the courage to act outside the current norms has left people sickened. We have made people afraid of taking leadership because they fall prey to innuendo and slander.

However, the far deeper river, I believe, is the hunger for compassion. Pricess Diana had an almost miraculous ability to let people see she cared. Those who encountered her were brought into an extraordinarily personal relationship in the shortest of time-frames. Diana made compassion palpable and visible. We are all afraid of the uncaring world which economic forces bring into existence. People everywhere expressed their inchoate longing for a world where the old virtues reign. It was a call, echoed again and again in the funeral service, for love.

I like your Diana thoughts. I agree that it altered the game -- by giving us a picture of a compassionate humanity. Look at Reflections on Diana in my Social Commentary.
TO: Arjuna Da Silva (MaArjuna@aol.com)

It has been very eventful here, with Richard Hoagland (face on Mars) here for the last 3 weeks. Barbara Marx Hubbard came for a day -- he was her science advisor 20 years ago. At the same time, we were doing a "Radical Awakening" workshop with Yukio Ramana. It's self-inquiry out of the Ramana Maharshi lineage. Aha, you are the Gangaji girl. They were both sent out to teach by Poonja-ji. Yukio does the work differently -- he's an intimate guide.

I like the idea that a collective learning has been going on that doesn't have to be recapitulated by every new person, so that without decades of Zen meditation, we can discover that place of awakeness within ourselves now. I hope it's true. So far so good. Am in timeless awareness, watching the parade of life. Hoagland was impressed -- he wants to put something on the Internet to clue people in. Barbara was agog, too. How good that makes me feel.

Arjuna Da Silva (MaArjuna@aol.com)

Is this Yukio the same one who used to teach Alchemical Hypnotherapy?

Y'know, I don't relate to Gangaji as a guru per se. I think it's all up to the listener. She's also teaching method, whether people realize it or not -- methodless method -- Ramana Maharshi's basic questioning, plus a few hip techniques from her own other experiences, like a Sufi thing that some folks call the nesting technique, a way to unravel an emotional state.

Going to sit with her in a silent retreat here in the woods. Have been preparing psychically and physically for the opportunity to dissolve everything at least for that week if I'm able; nothing to do but be present, which of course is true right now as I type, all day today as I cleaned, which was true from the beginning and will be true beyond "the end."

I'm so glad you're feeling connected to the source. It's always a you-never-know kind of thing but isn't it interesting how there's always more connecting, more possibilities?

From: Yukio Ramana (YukioRama@aol.com)

I believe that circles of people coming together in communion herald's the dawning of the new age. The success of such a venture relies largely on the collective vision of the group. As a good scientist, I am curious and in wonderment of the possibility of such an experiment.

Re the conversation with the folks at Inner Directions, the teachings coming out of the Ramana Ashram, which expound the deepest truth, are cryptic and esoteric. I believe that the audience for such a teaching, in its current form of dissemination, will be confined to a small group.

With my background in transpersonal psychology, I feel that I bring a bridge to bring this teaching to the common person. I have developed an experiential approach to the teaching which I feel distills it to common factors everyone can relate to without losing the essence of the work.

This is the time for the democratization of enlightenment. Although the Ramana Maharshis of the world will always be held as our model of perfection, I feel the next step is for each and every one of us to "become Ramana," and to pass that awareness on to every life we touch. Through the work I have been doing with "Radical Awakening," I believe I have a vehicle for this process.

My vision is to expand the number of people who are involved in the ongoing conversation of maturing the process of self-inquiry. I already see it happening, and it seems that the folks at Inner Directions would be an important voice in this conversation.

I keep thinking that there is a key we are playing with. Here's what I wrote to my friends at Inner Directions:

"Because Yukio is such a good guide, I was looking to expose him to you. I have this feeling that he is a kind of quintessential marriage between the teaching and the times we are in. Who better than you to evaluate? And now that you're convening the family at a conference, what he's doing could serve that. When people come together, it's not a done deal that a profound sharing takes place, even though that's what we yearn for in our hearts. I think Yukio opens a field for an authentic encounter. I get all kinds of ideas about your involvment with him, feeling blessed that I know you all so I can be a go-between."

Barbara Gluck (BarGluck@aol.com)

What Great Work! We are definitely on the same page....so to speak. It's exciting.

Gary Sinclair (Celbr8life@aol.com)

.... how about a course in "Spoonbending as a Metaphor for Healing" in all areas of life: physically, emotionally and spiritually?

William P. Mitnik Jr. (litenews@exit3.com)

What a beautiful tune Mighty Companions plays! What a nice vibration! I purchased some of Barbara Marx Hubbard's videos several years ago. I printed out Inside the Intelligence and will read it later tonight as my bedtime story. I try to promote and connect folks so that the synergistic energies created will aid powering up the Light on our planet. We live in very exciting times.

William P. Mitnik Jr. (litenews@exit3.com)

Your web page story continues in my morning thoughts. It is very wonderful. I had to put it down after 5 pages -- so much to digest that is pertinent in my own life. The information is very timely because I feel a great need to clear the old abuse messages that take me out of the present. If someone criticizes me, there is some kind of defective switching mechanism that brings me back to thirteen where I was beat around and demeaned. It disempowers me something awful when that tape plays--- so that's what I'm working on today! Thanks for listening, Suzanne.

I had a 2 hour talk a few days ago about the purpose of DUALITY, and one of the things that we arrived at was that the abused have become the healers. I have been told that 85% of the people in the helping professions (counselors, nurses, etc.) come from abuse situations. Of course our world has grown into an abuse world. World Peace -- let it begin with ME.

The folks of this planet thank you and salute you for your choices and intention.

George Snoddy (gsnoddy@mrmicro.net)

I just read your article about inner mapping [Inside the Intelligence]. It was for me one of those writings that you did not want to end. Your wonderful way of expressing the innermost desires of so many people was so encouraging. I am in communication with a circle of Email friends that seem to have the same mindset as you do. Speaking for myself I have never read anything that so mirrored my own mind. Thank you.

I am reading your Social Commentary also and look forward to your next entry. I agree with you that we are now involved in the paradigm shift in consciousness. I cannot express myself as elegantly as you do but I will do the best I can. I have been watching the crop circles for the past few months and like you I am amazed at how they are largely being ignored. I think the circles are the most amazing thing that has happened on this planet since Christ was here.

I am searching and constantly trying to break out of my box and to become what I instinctively know I am...I am looking for my next adventure. I refuse to roll over and play dead to this insane society we live in. I want to "make connections" with like minded individuals like yourself and together who knows what we can do.

God knows this world needs changing!

Here's to going super nova in the Spirit. God bless you and thank you for being there just the way you are.

So how can we have an adventure together? What's this cyberworld about in terms of how we can hook up with the family? I want to put the word out so that the best minds and hearts get glued to what each other has to say. I'm also big on meetings in the living room, and have the door open to people like you.

Although there are complaints about this medium creating more alienation in an already impersonal society, I find that the voice of the Truth we speak has an unmistakable resonance that touches my heart.

George Snoddy (gsnoddy@mrmicro.net)

I read your December 18 Social Commentary. Thank you for quoting me. Yes, The Internet is a wonderful tool for connecting us together in this physical world, yet we know that the ultimate connection will be when we are all awake. This awakening process is what intrigues me the most these days.

Me, too. In fact, we have to check out where each other is. There is a head knowing, but then there is a knowing as a ground of being. The work we're doing around here now is with that. As Yukio guides you into yourself, working with biofeedback, he gives you a "tap" when you reach the state of primal awareness. People describe it being the same as what is reported by those who get there through near-death, etc.

I don't know where we are going from here but I know we are going together. We are like little children pressing forward together into the future. There is a huge groundswell of spiritual hunger everywhere, Wonder why you never see it in the news. The dinosaurs still control media. Lately for some strange reason I've fantasized about placing 10 foot tall angels on various prominent hills here in my area. I can feel the coming of something wonderful can't you?

Read about my buddy, Simon Peter Fuller, doing ceremony on various high points.

I wish I had more ideas about creating alignment with divine pattern but all I know how to do right now is go along for the ride. Certainly learning to detach from this reality is a big part of what I am trying to do at the present. Learning to think in new ways and learning to behave within new ideals is certainly up there also. It is most refreshing when I get to communicate with souls such as yourself.

I still think at some point that awake ones may want to live together in intentional communities, especially if the road gets rocky ahead, which I think it might. I love being able to communicate openly like this with others who are "out there." I too feel the deepening of the connection already -- we are on the same path. Here's to the exploration of inner consciousness, the next frontier.

George Snoddy (gsnoddy@mrmicro.net)

I just wanted to thank you for the phrase "being seated in the emptiness that holds all fullness." I think I know what it means and I have been in that state from time to time. Learning how from each other is crucial as you have stated many times in your Web dialogues. It is thrilling to me that so many of us are awakening at this time. It is wonderful when you meet dear souls like yourself who are willing to reach out to help in the ways you do.

My personal mission for 1998 and beyond is to relinquish fear and judgment. These two culprits cause me to stumble over and over. These qualities are but a part of my little ego self which never was real anyway, just a plaything really for the larger I Am that I AM. We are to be gentle reminders to each other about who and what we are so we don't fall into any fear traps. Duality consciousness is just a bad habit then, is it not?

"Being seated in the emptiness that holds all fullness" says it all! For so long I was afraid of the emptiness. I was a prisoner of my own delusions! Surely the whole planet will change as this new consciousness dawns upon us.

How is it that we have these moments of clarity? "Self-inquiry discovers the God within," is such a great statement. It perfectly describes where we are today. We are at last come to peace when we find the place of emptiness that holds all fullness.

Peace, light, & love as we all realize our oneness.

Ron Faulk (sgfaulk@sgc.edu)

...in some way God, or one of his spiritual presences, came into me and got my attention. I am a very mindal person (with the pedigrees to show it) and basically a skeptic, although I have known certain aspects of God since I was a child. What happened to me was not mindal at all, but a gut-wrenching, sweat draining, heart pounding, experience which I am still trying to "figure" out.

I believe there is power in a union of beings supporting and loving each other. We have a few others with whom we correspond and work. This has been in the last two months, and our group is small. I wait to see what God has to unfold, and in the meantime yearn for a greater spiritual company and for a more perfect awareness of the spirit of God. I very much enjoyed reading Inside the Intelligence. It was fruitful for me, and it is that that let me take this liberty of contacting you.

I am touched that you were touched by my piece. It still guides me. The job of the day is to drop into the reality that it paints -- once and for all. Then we are "there," as we watch waves of ego stuff come and go. This isn't walking through the door on occasion, but is more like a discovery of what's on the other side. Once discovered, can you ever not know that it's there? And doesn't this timeless place of eternality include you? When are you not part of that? Not possible not to be. This misinterpretation is what I think we are getting to work on now. I think the mind can grasp a newer idea and run with it to heaven.

Religion is all hero stories, with God as a character. There is no God. There just is.

Ron Faulk (sgfaulk@sgc.edu)

I have had a very strong feeling that something is about to happen, so strong that I radically changed my life. I am a little unsteady about where I am and what I should be doing, although sometimes I think I am learning to slow down because that is what is needed. There are two (as far as I know) historical schools of Zen: one is a gradual track to enlightenment; the other is a radical track or getting it all at once. I get bits and pieces. I have found the "Kingdom," but I cannot always "stay awake" in my head. Yet, when I am "in the Kingdom" it seems to me that I will always be there because it is so obvious -- more "real" than the shadowy world of half-life and mirrors I was used to. I sometimes think we are like individual cells in one whole body that is trying to wake itself, to become self-aware. A few of the cells wake, and try to wake more; then we fall back asleep, because the greater "God" cannot awake until each cell is awake. At first, the task looks impossible. But as cells wake cells, the process procedes exponentially -- and at some point we will reach a critical mass, and the whole being will awaken. I think we must be close to something like that now.

This last year I exited this classic questing you describe, which is the most knowing game of duality. On the other side, is the awareness that once you discover the existence of what is timeless, spaceless, eternal and all- pervasive, and realize that you can never be outside of that (you know that!), you change your conception of in and out. Then you let whatever happens happen. Sometimes you act like a jerk. But that's just the play inside something else, which is who you are. Then you can look back at the long Vedantic lineage and thank God you're not the first one to have this realization, so you don't have to spend any energy doubting it or proving it to yourself. Just relax. Flow. See what comes next.

I wonder if we could have this conversation where people mess with the puzzle pieces which fit together as I describe, and actually wake up in the engagement...

I am thrilled that we can talk to each other this way. We really are becoming something else together. And I have a long-standing belief that a pattern can be set in a micrososm -- picture even two Christs -- that can sweep through humanity.

Gary Sinclair (Celbr8life@aol.com)

Your message [re Karla Faye Tucker] is in passage to many....Thanks.... You are right...and we all know it.

Virginia Brittony D'Archangel (aangel@voyager.net)

I saw her [Karla Faye Tucker] on Larry King's tonight.....it is sooo obvious she a different person and I only hope and pray Bush wakes up and sees the light.....

Frank S. Fazekas (apex01@borg.com)

I want to know if any of these "Christians" ever read about Paul in the New Testament? If nothing else, if Karla Faye is able to produce a turn around in other inmates, it makes economic and social sense to keep her at it. I pray she will be spared.

Tony Sanchez (Nettie93@aol.com)

I firmly believe that Karla Faye Tucker's divine transformation and prison ministry is a living testimony that will help countless less fortunate people in prison to become better human beings and law abiding citizens. There is absolutely nothing to gain by taking the life of somebody who immensely will benefit countless female inmates. There is nobody else in the country who can do a better job at helping them find the truth about ALMIGHTY GOD, about being law abiding citizens, and about finding honesty, integrity, love, compassion, understanding, kindness, and purpose in life than Karla Tucker. No female inmate can tell her. "Hey, what do you know about being a bad hardened criminal?" She, herself, has been there.

Simon Peter Fuller (106160.235@compuserve.com)

Thanks. At least the whole world is watching, and her [Karla Faye Tucker's] sacrifice is not in vain if the reprieve fails (remember, she may even have chosen this path to awaken our comatose race). Love and light to you.

Tom Noddy (TNoddy@aol.com)

Thank you for trying [re Karla Faye Tucker]... bless you.

Ron Faulk (sgfaulk@sgc.edu)

I strongly agree that we need to find ways to make new spiritual connections. There definitely is an enhanced power in a "union of souls". If we can get enough of these "unions" going around the world, then we will be able to change the world.

Robert E. O'Neill (reoneill@ihot.com)

Really? You can actually bend spoons with the energy of the mind only? And you have also taught children to do it?

Would you please teach me to do it? If it takes a phone call, I'd gladly place it.

I'm not a debunker, writer, reporter, or any of the such... I'm just a fellow who would truly like to do this, if it is actually possible.

Let's see if I can teach you to spoon bend in email. (Who are you?) It would be a first!

First, let's review about how "energy" can work in ways you wouldn't have expected. First, there's kinesiology, where that arm that you use to test loses strength with negative thinking. Are you with me?

Another demonstration is in those trick ping pong balls, with two metal strips. When the strips both make contact with your body, it is a conductor and the ball lights up. Yes?

That's mental prep...

Now, hold your spoon in its crook between your thumb and first or second finger. Turn it into someone you love. Open your heart to absolutely love it at the crook.

That's what I was shown. My spoon didn't bend. Then I added something. Do you know the book, "I Am That"? It had made a point I'd just read that I incorporated. The guru was saying that once you know the set-up of consciousness -- that you are not your body, but you're timeless awareness (I hope you know this -- makes it easier to bend spoons) -- and you are a person earnest about becoming resonant with that understanding, you cannot fail. All you need to do is "not prevent it." I thought about that with my spoon. It bent. I sort of intuited the right time -- like a little wiggle in time where I kind of created the moment and responded to it -- and used my two hands to easily bend the spoon, not only in a right angle, but once it goes soft you have a brief time when you can make it into a pretzel.

I had the advantage of someone bending spoon after spoon in front of my nose, so that I knew it was possible. Still, I was shocked when I did it. Call me if you have any problem. Let me know if you have success.

William P. Mitnik Jr. (litenews@exit3.com)

I printed out most of your site 5 months ago or so. I still have the stack of pages by my bed that I read for nity-nite good thoughts before pulling the plug on my conscious mind. I, too, continue to clear and seek and clear and meditate and clear and pray and clear and work hard to help myself, my neighbor, and our planet.

William P. Mitnik Jr. (litenews@exit3.com)

I'll cruise your site more now that you are activating it. The whole planet is leaving its linear existence. People are discovering they have psychic powers, they want to Love more, they are saying "hi" on the street more. I think even traffic is friendlier!

I just washed the floors in my house, washed windows, broke up a desk and big stuffed chair, and threw out 2 trash cans worth of "valuable stuff" that I'd saved for some reason. Gotta make way for the new and exciting life that is enveloping me! More clearing to come! You are a wonderful being, Suzanne. You are Lovable and capable. I think I told you that I still read some stuff I printed off of your site a few months ago. Would it be OK if I quoted you from time to time? I could give credit to you and refer folks to your chat site or web page. Whadaya think?

Of course -- all of us swimming together makes one ocean, don'tcha think?

Jonathan Margolis (102212.272@compuserve.com)

You may remember me coming over to your house a couple of weeks ago to interview Russell Targ for my book on Uri Geller. Thanks again for allowing use of your place. I would very much like to contact the young guru, whose name I unfortunately have lost my note of, who was staying with you. He mentioned a program at the General Hospital in Denver, which I would dearly love to include mention of in my book. Could you possibly pass on his name, e-mail and phone number?

We call him Yukio (YukioRama@aol.com). Did you get together with my spoon bending friend, Gary Sinclair?

Jonathan Margolis (102212.272@compuserve.com)

Yes, thanks for the introduction. The meeting with Gary went very well indeed. Intriguing guy, and well worth the trip to San Diego.

Gary Sinclair (Celbr8life@aol.com)
Certification in Cyberphysiology

Jonathan's trip here seemed quite worth his while....We only had three hours of time so I taught him who he was on the inside as a field of energy, spoon bending, cloud melting, and then showed him how to alter the atomic structure of a beverage such as soda or wine without touching it. I do this with people all over the country. It takes me about three seconds most of the time. He truly learned alot and says it will change the context of his next book considerably as no one he met even considered the implications of healing in all of this, and it is the only way I look at it. I couldn't believe in all his research that NO ONE had taught him how to move energy. I had him bending spoons to where he didn't think about it by the second try. His fourth was one of those big restaurant salad bar spoons that was thick like the other spoons he had, and he bent one of those also. After I handled his belief structure, without hesitating he picked it up and curled it all the way up the handle. Then he sat in disbelief that he had done it, so I simply explained once again, HOW he did it so successfully. Then I related it all again to our ability to heal ourselves. He was extremely interesting and fun to be with. In fact he really hated to leave. Thanks for recommending me to him. Glad it did work out. Here is a link to the next training session I will be doing in Houston sometime soon....Just setting up adv.and dates.... You will be interested in the content. It is really all about using energy to heal yourself and others. I am doing it with certification so that people will believe themselves to be qualified. Blessings on your day.....and may all you do produce Miracles!

Megan L. (MLL@gte.net)

Right on! I completely agree with your opinion on the Mary Kay "scandal." I do pity the boy for having to have two babies at the age of 14. Nobody should have to have that.

Don Carl Duke (sunstone@uswest.net)

Thank you for the info on Yukio Ramana. Would love to be there for his visit for deepening my own inner experience of awakening, but time will not permit. I am always interested in the energy around such gatherings of people out of the lineage of Ramana Maharshi. I recently did the week-long intensive with Satyam Nadeen in Costa Rica and sponsored him twice here in the Phoenix area. I am impressed with how many people are reaching the "awakened state". It is encouraging to see this happening and to be a participant in it.

Nice to hear from you. I hear they liked Nadeen in Boulder, where Yukio is from. I emailed him to ask how I could get a copy of the video of footage of him that they were circulating in Boulder, but didn't get an answer. Liked the idea of getting a look at him. There's a wonderful sanga here -- all of a sudden there are many teachers. People all like Yukio! I haven't seen anyone do what he does, delivering people into the realization of the Self -- it's from major involvement with psychology before India. I am being inundated with friends telling friends. Ah bliss.
Peter Stenshoel (pstenshoel@compuserve.com)

Suzanne, this is my latest salvo in my discussion with my brother. It's casually written, but thought you might enjoy the read:

I think the reason I reject Big Science is because it is a part of the patriarchal system. It masquerades as Truth, when it is nothing more than a handmaiden to truth. Truth cannot be contained by any system which insists on replicability and peer review.

Replicability only applies to non-unique events. So, instead of deciding that reality is full of once-in-a-lifetime happenings, there is a tendency to figure that only repeated and repeatable events have any relation to reality. In effect, this "bans" miracles from happening. But of course miracles do happen.

Peer review skews the picture even further, causing emotion, macho ethos, fear of ridicule, and other completely subjective phenomena to color the outcome of conclusions.

When I spoke with Francis Crick ("The Astonishing Hypothesis") on a call-in radio show, pointing out that one out-of-body experience would blow his theory, he said he had seen no such evidence that out-of-body states existed outside the mind (which he posits as a neurobiological mechanistic interface). However, stories from dying patients who have been revived have shown that they can report the existence of objects, conversations, and conditions not given to them to know, even assuming some sort of consciousness latent in their stretcher-ridden body during their "death." Dr. Crick developed a time-consuming baroque hypothesis without factoring in any of the multitudinous "near death experience" accounts.

Loved your piece. Yes, yes, yes. You write so clearly, and your head is on so straight. Rethinking reality this way is just what I want this Web site to be for.

Willis Harman was trying to redefine science to make it viable in the face of anomolies, which fundamentally required consciousness being perceived as causal. I always wondered if we could let science be science as is, and note that something else is going on outside its purview.

We are living in a lot of fictions, including that God is outside, and I am jazzed with the notion of busting these balloons of dualistic enslavement now. Like living "it" is the life, not gathering to get "it" some more. Like it says in "I Am That," once you understand you are it, it will become you as a function of your "earnestness," as long as you "don't prevent it."

I am going to be a speaker at a big conference in Italy in October -- my topic is "The Future of the New Age." Would love to brainstorm my speech with you -- so that I could take it on the road, which is what can come from the Italy thing.

You have the best brain. Thank you for stimulating mine.

On 7/15/98, Suzanne Taylor wrote to Karlos deTreaux:

I'm a crop circle person -- I see how massive humanity's denial can be. I also see how bad Y2K can be. What to do? Will appreciate being connected to what there is to know. I am at the hub of a lot of folks here, looking to steer us in a direction. My favorite idea is that we go somewhere to set up a retreat space that would be a meeting place for leaders of thought. We could not only protect ourselves, but create something the world needs anyway.

Glad you're there.
Karlos deTreaux (y2k@aloha.net)

Crop circles...My jury is still out. I think they are too good to be true. (focus on the "too good" part rather then the "not true" part). Let's just say I hope they are true. At least some of them.

I am involved in the island-wide Y2K organization here. I am hoping to source information with others that are not in the MLM or "for profit" mode. I have no problem in commerce in general; it is just that there is no room for that in this coming situation. I believe that this may be the beginning of the next phase of consciousness. There are meteor showers, Solar Mass storms, and even the photon belt situation all happening in the next few years. We are all infinite spiritual beings, but my three children give my illusion of the need for expansive preparation and consciousness readjustment more weight than my deeper "knowings."

I have a lot of rescources on Y2K, except in the area of "community planning." If you can direct me, or if you have some crop circle info that is not ONLY emotional or take it on Faith information, please please forward it.

I am totally invested -- all my time and all my resources -- in bringing about the understanding of ourselves as a One Life. As far as the crop circles are concerned, you just don't know enough. If you did, you would have no doubt that we are being visited and signaled.

I feel well-informed about the potential for disaster, and I feel ignorant about any plan about what to do. Where to be? How to protect resources? How to help humanity?

Amazing how the world is not on red-alert about Y2K. As I said, it fits the pattern of mass denial I am familiar with because of the crop circles. I expect that panic will start to set in at some point, maybe even quickly. That should spur some useful dialogue that is much needed anyway. Maybe there isn't anything to do that gets the jump on this process that will unfold, informing us all. Or is there? Especially would like to be smart about my estate -- a house, investments. It's allowed me to do my service, and I'd hate to get wiped out if I can avoid that.

What next?

Gary Sinclair (Celbr8life@aol.com)

I am currently writing another book called Healing from the Quantum. I am so amazed at just how much you have overlaid in this work, for it was through Yvonne, to you, through Yukio, that I learned how to create the easy access to exiting this body and disassociating from the disease so that I can take control of it. I am at the point of writing the process now. I have already written the pages on the dual mind and separateness of body and spirit. Thanks for all the help.
Tim Piering (TimPMoto@aol.com)

[Re your Clinton piece] ...I feel 30 - 70 on the whole idea. 30% of me feels Clinton's plunge might be deep enough to to cause a serious search for real meaning and God. 70% of me is very cautious because of his past pattern of spin and deception. These are strange times. Many secrets are becoming known. Who would have thought we would be seeing the inner secret life of our President? The financial world is collapsing. In short, the world is being severely shaken as has been predicted by many prophets. The purpose of the shaking is to turn people's heads back to the Divine. Maybe, just maybe, this is what is happening with Clinton. I guess we could lend some spiritual power to the situation by holding that context.

Thanks for always thinking of the Whole.

Lyle T. Reimann (ltr1@email.msn.com)

Reverend Tom Borland of the church I now attend in Jacksonville, Florida, is giving a series of sermons on the Apostles creed. This week's installment was specifically about the words "Holy Ghost." He suggested we substitute the word "spirit" for "ghost" -- that the spirit or different spirits flow like the wind from one place or person to the next, and how contagious that is. He described Ghandi as being a very true reincarnation of the spirit of Jesus Christ, and that our treatment of our fellow beings and of this planet should mimic that same spirit of love, care and understanding. I could relate this topic to your spiritual meetings or discussions. Different people have different parts or understandings of the spirit, and through sharing we all get to experience it in a more complete way.

I decided early on that Jesus must be one of the teachers sent to a particular time and place, and that other times and places had other teachers. And that the divinity of Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, or the Dalai Lama could be achieved by any soul. My belief ties all spirituality together as one force. Though I cannot truly call myself a Christian by the Protestant definition, since I accept other traditions, I try to be a Christian in heart and deed. Christ's teachings of how to treat your fellow man and stories of how he treated his fellow man are what really interest me, not the miracles that were performed by or through him.

Thank you for providing a site in which others can share and learn.

Your new companion in spirit and in thought.

Carol Rosin (rosin@west.net)

Until I just read this Clinton piece, I couldn't think of going to sleep. Now I feel I can rest a little. This is so beautiful and appropriate. I pray it works. Right on!

Hillary Carlip (Hillgrrrl@aol.com)


Finally got a chance to read your amazing speech. I'm sure all of Europe is throwing bouquets at you as I write!! What a wonderful piece WRITTEN and I'm sure it'll even be more amazing delivered in person! I so relate to the 100% thing.
Basil Simonenko (PROJUICER@aol.com)

I had a very good friend over to my house recently to take a look at the Internet. While she was here, we found your wonderful web site! So much of what you say is in sync with the things myself and my friend believe! My friend is Marion Massey. She is particularly interested in many of the things you say and possibly identified with you even more than I!! Marion is a wonderful soul to have on your side. She has no computer at present and asked me to write to you in order to establish a contact, she values your crusade!!!

I believe this contact could easily be one of the most important in your life. Everything Marion touches turns to gold both spiritually and materially. She can't stop herself helping out! How exciting! I love to meet like this -- to really meet. Where are you? What are you up to?
Steven Waring (stevenw@stn.net)

Knew there had to be something like this site....at last here it is. I am with the feeling of it all, it's as though you are bringing me into focus from fuzziness.

Looking for like minds in the Toronto, Ontario area.

Chris Evans (cnevans@mindspring.com)

Hi Suzanne. My Speaking out on Pot article appears to the left of your article Marijuana -- Shamanic Tool of Ancient Cultures on the Pray for Peace Foundation News website. When I finished reading it, I thought, "Man, this is someone I have to meet." Then I realized a simple email would do just fine. I applaud your courage to speak your truth. I think America is getting the picure, slowly but surely.

A warning: often times those who have open minds tend to have some negative charges around the subject of Christianity. Some of the language in my entry may rub you wrong. Just know that similar language is found in A Course In Miracles, which has been a powerful book for me. The language of that text very often uses what we think of as classic Biblical terminology. But I don't think anyone would ever misconstrue me as a "holier-than-thou" Bible-thumper.

I don't know whether you'll get much of an idea on what picture I think America is getting by reading this very personal reflection. But I do believe that as America's generations shift through age demographics, we are gradually becoming more and more accepting of the idea that marijuana smokers don't really deserve to be punished. Most of us who are of marrying and childbearing age at least know people who have tried and/or continue to use marijuana. And I'll bet when non-users are put to the coals and asked whether they think these people are threats to society and deserving of the outrageous penalties now levied upon them they would probably say, "Just keep it at home and don't do it in front of my kids," or something like that.

I believe decriminalization in America will occur in our lifetime, it's just around the corner.

The name of my non-profit, Mighty Companions, comes from A Course in Miracles. You'll see the famous quote that I took it from on my home page.

Good votes for our side about legalization. This felt like it could be a big move in freeing things up. Amazing the stranglehold of the prevailing thoughtform in wanting to criminalize the play with one's own mind. Things too far outside the bubble of consensus reality have a hard time being seen for what they are. The crop circles are an interest of mine that's currently suffering that fate.

I liked this quote in your swell piece: "If all were encouraged to look for the divine pearl of love and wisdom within every experience regardless of how socially unacceptable or painful a situation it may be, we may start to have a culture that learns to hear its own inner guidance. A culture that has learned to hear the voice of God."

Judy Zafiris (REDD9999@webtv.net)

Hello to all. I'm a seeker and have been for years. Now they tell me I'm God and I'm to do nothing. Well, I have enough trouble trying to be God, but to do nothing is even harder. I'm one of the dangerous ones who want to serve. I'm not confused, really. No matter that my friends of thirty years don't understand and rumor has it I'm brain washed. Thanks be to God for making all of the bullshit of life unimportant to me, like how I'm wearing my hair or what kind of car I drive. I have love and peace. I'm not too sure I'm source, but I feel love is a good start. So tell me what you guys do to help. I am a Sanyason and have been for years. Osho is a wonderful guru, but I really hope I don't end up in India!!!!!!!!! However, I feel a need to serve. It is strange finding you all on the net. I was surfing for Satyam Nadeen, and there you were.

Love from Knoxville, Tennessee. Did you know God was shaking this far south?!! Hey, sister Judy, nice to meet you. I have this notion that two people in one perfect relationship could be the healing of the world. Picture Christ and Buddha. That could be you and me.

The Internet seems like a good place for a rally. Can we meet in the miracle, and send a pattern out to the whole world?

Nori Muster (nori@steamboats.com)

Thanks for sending your speech. It was great. It really hit me just at the right time and had a lot to say. I'm glad they asked you to give it. Sometimes an event like that can solidify a lot of ideas, and I believe that's what you did by following through on that opportunity.


I fully agree with your opinion that people fall in love. I am a 36 year old woman who never intended to fall in love with a 17 year old -- nevertheless, it did happen. We ended up being forced to stay away from each other and now are not permitted to speak to each other at all.

It is infuriating and I think people should be given the responsibility of being able to make their own decisions earlier than the age of 18 regarding this very controversial issue.

Lisa Sutherland-Fraser (pleiadesgirl@yahoo.com)

Sometimes I feel like I'm following a trail of breadcrumbs as did Hansel and Gretel. My whole life has been like this -- following the clues my soul leaves me and, like the sticky-nose I am, I follow well and good. So my path leads me via Conversations With God, Book 3 to read Daphne Rose Kingma's wonderful book The Future of Love. I feel so at home with that book, as I did with Conversations With God and so many others. I feel like I have come home to my family, the one I have been waiting to catch up to since I popped back into this physical realm. I don't feel so alone anymore and it is so wonderfully luscious to see the world budding in consciousness desire the way I have always lived my life. Hooray!

I decided to look up Daphne on the net and, voila! I found this site and all the wonderful goodies held within Mighty Companions -- more people that I feel vibe with me. I have longed to be with other kin for so long, and it's only in the 90s that life has turned yet another page and decided that now is the time. It feels so incredible to be here. I am so grateful!
Shirley Smith (neece@ecis.com)

I thank you for your recommendation of CBS Sunday Morning. The show has become my most enjoyable of the week's TV! Charles Osgood is my Love!

Thank you for being so real.

Lynne Joy McFarland (spiritlinc@yahoo.com)

I love who you are and your internet site. I am a sister goddess and hope we link up soon especially as I am creating my new site for spiritual unity and joyfully sharing awareness, laughter, love, truth and co-being. For all my life I am here on this dear planet as a spiritual empowerer for everyone and everything in my sphere. My organization is Leaders In the New Civilization -- LINC -- whose vision is to create a magnificent new and ancient civilization ever enduring in the highest expression of love and unity, harmony and light.

I want to mention also to you that we have much in common in addition to our visions. I knew Willis for a long while and in the early 80's he was one of the first people I shared my organization envisionment with. And he asked to be of assistance and be on the board, mostly a wonderful "sounding board" for each other. We have others in common, such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, whom I've known since she was living in Washington DC having spiritual dinners in her home. There's plenty to share and play about. Much divine greatness to disseminate.
I think we've been in touch -- over your LINC project somehow. A beautiful vision. Love to know what you've learned about linking. Maybe the linkers need to compare notes. And spiritual empowerment is the energy we all need, for sure. Where do you get yours? Hi to you and thanks for your being there with such a quick reply. Nature, especially the ocean and Hawaiian islands, is the best spiritual crucible for me. Only a very few special human beings allow my fullest expansion, yet I yearn to connect and link up with other enlightened loving joyous dolphineous ones. I created LINC to meet and gather other civilization builders and certainly have through these decades. Now with the new millennium, the dawning of our new civilization is even more possible and is in fact progressing, to all our delight. Your "mighty companions" resounds much like my "civilization leaders", therefore I hope we play and create in unison.

Sage Holloway (sgholloway@aol.com)

Wonderful work...your website is uplifting, inspiring and a greatidea! I would love to be included in any way appropriate...I am a wrIter...
Thanks for the appreciation. I stay open to an alignment among people like us. I sense it is on the horizon, and am trying always to encourage it so those of us who speak the same language have a sense of interconnection that turns us from being separate gadflies into a mighty force. The quote I use that you may have seen on the Web site is from my late great ally, Lex Hixon:

"A coalition already exists in spirit. It is coming together now
in the social context by the attraction of its unconventional
intelligence and compassionate form of high-mindedness. This
natural coalition is drawn together by the recognition that the
elevation of consciousness is our fundamental life work. This is
a genuinely democratic, self-organizing force, flowing through
persons of all descriptions. This force does not flourish as any
highly structured form. It is not an institution or a foundation
or a non-profit company or anything conventionally named. This
coalition is a living organism -- natural, wild, free. It is
made up of individuals devoted to serving the world and
developing themselves as finely tuned instruments of service.
They learn to gather in the energy of will-to-good, from which
authentic goodwill flows out subtly to the entire world."

I'll put you on my list for the occasional things I send out, and keep me in mind, too. For a current read on my thoughts and intentions, listen to my WebRadio show, "Favorite Dreams for the New Millennium."

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