Mighty Companions Presents

THE HERRINGBONE PROJECT: Laboratory for Reality Creation

Convened by Suzanne Taylor

First Gathering
May 9, 1994

"My whole life I've been waiting for the conversation to be between the lines."

People who can carry the energy of emergence.

The science of emergence.

We are proxy.

Act as if.

Parlaying ourselves into enlightenment.

Responsible people handling life and being fed by inner guidance, outpicturing the ideal of a new map which creates the sustainable enjoyable world.

Next level of group.

How to take our enormous resources and move in new ways?

Immediate harvest. When we say it, it's complete.

Bring models with us; not grope our way.

Learn how to form more groups. Self-generating process that spins new reality.

Looking for a new quality of mind.

At meta-level. Not conflict resolution. Not ping-pong.

Not new age. Realm of real work.

Warriors of Infinite Meaning.

Aligning maps of reality.

Amazing ambiguity without people spinning off. A sense of great pragmatism. That's what it will take.

A prototype of a new group. You have to do it. It can't be theoretical.

Maybe the moment has arrived.

How to facilitate each other's work?

There as beings; left in tenderness and wholeness, not in project.

"If the world is to escape a dastardly fate, it is convocations such as this that will point the way."

A time for breakthrough thinking. A sense of potential discovery from a pool of intelligence.

Institute a training of the heart in the world.

To create something that people resonate with.

A communion of heart, mind, and soul.

Work between principles and intelligencia.

Soul being born, mass shifting, network of heart.

Circles produce miracles.

Sweetening process occurs in our coming together.

Feels like shifting from conversation to action.

Intuitive energetic...touched by each one.

Know how to ask the right questions.

To discover assumptions and forward the shift.

Alleviating symptoms, or acting on structure?

Discussing the deeper levels of what is happening. Who are we? What kind of universe are we in? How is the world view changing?

A movement from parts towards whole, from outer authority to inner wisdom, from outer religion to inner spiritual circle.

Old unexamined assumptions...decisions are made using economics as the basis.

Take goals that we all agree upon and our basic assumptions...no way these assumptions will get us to these goals.

It will get worse before it gets better.

The questioning of assumptions is starting in rooms just like these.

One thing we can do is to keep fear down through understanding.

What if we looked at all the problems as symptoms? Then what is at the deeper level?

We are hunting the shift.

There is a sense of things speeding up in the room. Once something is brought to awareness it is almost instantly solved.

If some project were decided upon it would get manifested quickly.

A campaign to get people to come out.

The power of group mind dwarfs anything that the individual can conceive.

In group interactions we can be in the male ping pong field and then move into the female integrating, move-together field. We can be in the microcosm and then move to the macrocosm. The task is to have a dance between these fields and watch a tapestry evolve.

What is this new animal? It knits together differently. You walk out of the room with a different matrix. We are here for an alchemical experience. And it appears to be happening.

What if each of us represented a constituency and we combined those constituencies to represent everybody on the planet?

A rediscovery of spirituality...we are not our biological bodies...our consciousness goes on.

The center is where there is heat and light, and it relates to both ends. Thus the material and spiritual can serve as poles.

The challenge is to move in the tension and to stay open. To have it be a seven chakra conversation.

Form fragments, but this is not againstness.

The ocean is teeming with life and it all works.

As we offer our insights, teachings and maps, we will find that maps start to herringbone.

How do you achieve oneness in consciousness and allow diversity in form?

The diversity in form allows the one consciousness to manifest all of its tones and colors and full depth and breadth.

Work with the form as a vehicle rather than as a limitation.

Do we need a common practice to come into a deep alignment? There is a sense of the spirit of the thing rather than the language.

We are meeting peers.

As you say something it is established.

We are forming a seed of how we experience a oneness in consciousness amidst all of the difference.

The mystic could not pass on the experience; the occultist looks at how you pass it on.

We are involved in a real exploration above just theorizing and speculation.

There is an Eastern vision of the path that is a razor edge on a spiral, and you can fall off either side -- into form or into etheric nothing. The path cuts directly through the middle.

What is most important is to look at what the next step in consciousness is.

Herringbone Project
Second Gathering
June 6, 1994

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