Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

December 15, 1998

Clinton has called this whole drama into being. We are at the affect of his unfathomably reckless behavior and his unethical manipulations to avoid any consequences for his actions. But the Force dictates; he cannot escape it. He created an upheaval; now he must put himself into the new order. If he doesn't, I don't think he should he be dragged back over the line he has stepped across.

He is artificially bolstered by opinion polls. The Founding Fathers created a representational democracy, not a true democracy where everybody votes on everything. They were protecting the Constitution that way. Sometimes the people rise up in such an outcry that they can't be ignored, but unlike the passionate protest to the Viet Nam war, there are no marches for Clinton. His says his mandate is coming from what the people want, without any recognition that they aren't the deciding factor.

Whatever happens to Clinton, and whatever in this process negatively affects us all, we are well-served by this national town meeting we are having. With everyone being appalled over what Clinton has done, putting us on common ground, we have an opportunity to see past factionalism, to where thoughtful deliberations are more suited to leading the world into Oneness. Reality can change very fast in the grid of instantaneous communication in which we operate now. Some perspective as yet unthought of about Clinton could sweep through and move us to new heights as a species. May we apply our heartful intelligence to give the best chance for such a miraculous outcome, where we come through this holding our heads high.

Here's the letter I wrote to my congressman:

To: The Honorable Henry A. Waxman, Congressperson, 29th District

As I see it, there's only one way for Clinton to stay in office. He can lay himself bare enough for us to see the machinations of his choice making. Americans are a forgiving people. So far, though, the confession has not been truthful enough for us to absolve him. He must find the stance that lets him sincerely apologize for dragging us all through this. Thrown on our mercy, he then needs to show up heroically, devoted to the greater good, moment after moment after moment. With no regard for personal caution, what serves everyone has to be his measure. If he remains resolute in his current position, his supporters are defying the fate he is carving out for himself by trying to keep him in office.

If he admits to a tapestry of lies, where we no longer have to fight with him, we can look together for a solution. Then a plea could be made for an unusual disposition -- for us deciding to operate in light of the needs of the world, rather than exercising our right to punish a lawbreaker. Such a spared soul would no doubt be extraordinarily motivated to become a great statesman to outweigh the stigma of his dishonorable actions. I'd like to see America coming together in soul searching contemplation of whether we could all unite to maintain a situation that isn't what we asked for but is what we got. If we all can agree to proceed with Clinton as our president, knowing that we have chosen the greater good and he is not exonerated, perhaps we would be paving the way for a holistic approach to more of the difficult problems that beset us in our ever-shrinking world.

Hoping you can influence the course of affairs, and that my perspective can help in your thinking.

Your Liberal Democrat Constituent and Supporter,

...and my letter to President Clinton:

Dear President Clinton,

I can see what might get us out of this nightmare. You need to show up as different from how you are for it to happen. No one relishes an impeachment, but you have to provide a way we can avoid it.

First, you have to come into total acquiescence to what everyone else knows. You can say you were absolutely confident that you squeaked by, but that this situation has caused you to take a deeper look. You can see that your whole strategy was to deceive. You've said mislead, but it really is deceive, and that is to lie. You can see how that undermines our democracy when our leader is pledged to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You will be coming from a very humble place if you lay yourself so bare, from which you can argue the good of the world. You can ask us to allow you to do the job of president with us all knowing the shame that you will be living with openly forever. Surely in this humbled position you would have seen into the destructiveness of a power game that pervades our world, and will be intent on bringing us to a higher perspective where the prevailing separation between people can give way to the experience of our oneness. And you would have an extraordinary dedication to the good to counterbalance the anguish you have caused. You don't want to win now; you just want to be permitted to continue.

As you fight, we must fight back. If we were all in the same story, opposition to you wouldn't have the fuel it has now. Then something new could emerge. Maybe even a shift in humanity that softens its combativeness; compassion is a better diet for us all. If you could throw yourself on our mercy, wouldn't that be an interesting challenge for everyone? It also looks like a better bet in the history books for you. No one thinks you can do this, but what I see is that you rise to every occasion, and why not in this situation, since it is the only way?

Give up the fight so we can negotiate a workable peace. You have to go first in this -- giving up precedes securing your safety. No one would want to prosecute you after you leave an office which you have served well, and we are all so desperate for an alternative to impeachment that if we can unite to keep you in office, it is unlikely you would be prosecuted now. Take the high road, Mr. President. It would give us all a chance to win.

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