Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

September 4, 1997

Contact has set the stage. So here we are afloat in awesome beauty -- that dimension that people who almost die aren't afraid to go back to, where we are held, contained, and interconnected.

Those who have anchored in it are our saints and sages. For whatever reason, related to just me or that it comes to everyone now, mapping this territory seems doable. I see data coming from everywhere now, which is addressing our ground of being. As meditation can take you to ground-zero, so can immersion. And now that the story is reverberating around us, and we are comparing notes, it seems like we can go from vaguer longings for the good and the beautiful, to actual engagement with our own field of thought to orient it in the right way.

I love hearing or reading things that express that orientation. I see it comes in many flavors: religions at their mystical heart, A Course in Miracles, American Indian knowing, mathematics, crop circles, scientific brain labs, and more. I dream of everyone being awash in it. This communication is my call to the tub. Jump in. Swim with me.

"Everything we know is part of the picture of reality arising in consciousness. This is true not only of the objects we experience in the world around; thoughts, feelings and ideas are likewise manifestations within consciousness... Consciousness is not part of the picture generated in our minds. It is the canvas on which the picture is painted...This consciousness is the one Truth we cannot deny. It is the absolute certainty of our existence. It is eternal in that it is always there whatever the contents of our experience. It is the essence of everything we know. It is the creator of our world. This is the "God" that we intuitively knew existed, but never quite found....The realization that "I am the Universe," that all is me, and all is in me, these are not necessarily the ravings of a deranged mind...Just as the Copernican Revolution turned our model of the solar system inside out, so too our current superparadigm needs to be turned inside out." -Peter Russell-

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