In November 1995, Mighty Companions (M.C.) hosted a sacred geometry workshop led by leading crop circle researcher, Michael Glickman. Afterwards, Michael stopped by with his producer/writing partner, Patricia Murray, for a chat. This is an excerpt of that conversation:

Michael: We're living in an age of miracles. I think if you remain surprised by miracles, then you stop calling them in. Astonishment exists in the old world. In the new world, miracles are not only ordinary; they are to be expected. We've got to shift ourselves into the new world. This is my biggest work -- shifting my consciousness daily, working to get into the new world.

M.C.: Michael, what are you learning from studying the geometries of the crop circles? 

Michael: I've been pushed into the comprehension of fourth dimensional solids, with which I still have great difficulty. The crop circles are gateways between the earth and another dimension. To understand some of the contents of these things is very, very hard. Anytime I make any kind of geometric discovery about one of these circles, the overwhelming sense is of the hundred thousand discoveries which will remain forever embedded in it. You get the sense of its richness when it gives something up.

M.C.: Is there a sequential development to the circles?

Patricia: Oh yes! If you were to put them in a timeline, you would see steady development. They never could have landed what they landed in '95 in the fields, in '85. We weren't prepared then.

Michael: I get the feeling we literally would have died.

Patricia: We would have gone into shock -- trying to make sense of it in our world.

Michael: We would have died.

M.C.: Really?

Michael: There are energies of power which we cannot comprehend and we could not have confronted. For example, the Spider's Web or the Asteroid Belts of the last couple of years -- I think we only can accept these big formations because we saw Barbary Castle in 1991.

M.C.: To bring someone on board who perhaps has never seen a crop circle, would it behoove you to present them sequentially?

Michael: I'm not sure. People are working assiduously to try and get a glyph-by-glyph sense of graphic development. And that, obviously, is terribly interesting. But I don't think we need it. Because humanity's consciousness has evolved, I think that a person newly exposed now can be brought up to speed by looking at two or three formations.

M.C.: As an architect and inventor, can you tune in and see where they are going?

Michael: The circle makers' skills are beyond anything I can comprehend. I suppose I have got a major ambition in life and that is to meet them. I've been a designer all my life and I just cannot believe how anybody can compute this stuff. There is a record, just since 1990, of continuing inventive genius which is beyond man's capacity by a factor of hundreds of thousands.

Simon Peter Fuller and Suzanne TaylorM.C.: Are you saying, then, that humans do not have the wherewithal to produce these?

Michael: That's what I'm saying.

M.C.: What of the unused 90% of our brain capacity?

Michael: Oh sure, I wouldn't have any hesitation in sitting still for the idea that we might one day achieve that. But, at the moment, it's off the map. I'm just blown away by the skill of these guys, and in the real world, in 1995, it's unapproachable as it currently stands. It's a wonderful body of work.

Suzanne Taylor, Founder of Mighty Companions,
in an English crop circle with Simon Peter Fuller,
author of "Rising out of Chaos." In his fascinating
work, he sees the circles helping wake us up
to our blueprint…as divine.

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