"To have noble associates,
noble companions, noble friendships,
is all of the Holy life."
- Buddha -

"It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community -- a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the Earth."
- Thich Nhat Hanh -

Mighty Companions is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization, "Dedicated to encouraging the awareness of ourselves as a One Life." We produce events and projects and communications to support a shift of consciousness from outer focus to inner, from separation to union. We host circles where leaders of thought explore the changes currently taking place in human consciousness. Our mission is to help humanity vibrate to a new harmonic. We are an energy field -- a consortium of heroic disciples of Truth, serving as instruments of the Intelligence to express on earth.

Our Website exists to "compare notes" on the transformation of consciousness and to cheerlead for what we think will move humanity along as it goes from separation and self-centeredness to a sense of oneness and concern with all of existence. We offer a neutral playing field, with no religious practice or commercial product, for people of vision and heart to engage with one another.

In human endeavor, sacred sources speak of pattern-setting by as few as two people. With individual saviors having come in other eras, interaction among "two or more" catalyzes change now. We operate in the belief that the engagement we make here can matter to the whole of humanity.

Jonathan Reams of the Institute for Transformative Leadership had this to say about his encounter with Mighty Companions:

I am involved in part of the effort to bring Spirit and Being into the world of leadership and business. Through the marketing of one of our events we got a lovely note from Suzanne, introducing herself and her work of supporting and connecting those of us serving life in this way.

When we had business that brought us to Los Angeles, she invited us to come and stay with her during our visit. Upon our arrival we sat and talked for hours as the ressonance of our lives made itself known through the sharing of our stories. While we were visiting, Suzanne arranged for a dinner gathering so that we could meet some of her friends. The value of simply being able to sit and take all the time we needed to get to know each other was immense. Instead of coming to know these people through a filter of their work, or ideologies, or any other reduction of their being, we were able to begin to know them as human beings. This knowing seems to open us up to the greater flow of spirit, as we transcend our self imposed human limitations.

The value of these connections enable each of us to more fully manifest our piece of this work. The Love that flows from these gatherings of kindred Spirits supports us in our work, and also opens us up to go beyond ourselves in being of service to life. It brings out a clearer awareness of the divinity that we are, and that can't be a bad thing!"

. FROM THE ARCHIVES: A few of our favorite things

Prior to her WebRadio show, Making Sense of These Times, Suzanne Taylor sent out periodic musings called "Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary." She encouraged the mighty companions to respond and posted their comments, as well as feeback on the site, on our bulletin boards.

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Our most important contribution to date is our Conversation Website. Focused now on reaction to September 11, it is a gathering place for thoughtful people to make sense of these dangerous times.

Crop Circles: Tracking this modern-day wonder as something that could trigger a vital shift of consciousness.

Making Sense of These Times, a WebRadio show, hosted by Suzanne Taylor. "Tune in and together we'll create the alignment in consciousness that the world so desperately needs."

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