After September 11
What Can We Do?

September 13, 2001

Dear friends of the crop circles,

The only thing that makes any sense to me, to help us engage at a higher level than the one in which we are imploded, is for people to recognize the Intelligence that's in play making crop circles. We all know how powerful a force it is. Who knows what receptivity to it might produce? Can this unthinkable attack get everyone to think about what else is unthinkable, to recognize what we in the crop circle community see so clearly about how we are not alone?

Can we pull together to create a united voice? I am thinking about a joint statement. Can we work together on something powerful enough to move people beyond their ordinary boundaries?

Could the Arecibo formation be an event to focus on? Here's a draft to get us started:


In the aftermath of the attacks in New York and Washington, the world will never be the same. There is much being said about the confidence we have in America and how we won't stand for this treatment and how we will get the perpetrators and justice will be done, but, in truth, we are beyond our capacities to cope.

There is one ray of hope that is outside the parameters of our helplessness. There is a readily perceivable Intelligence that has been penetrating our reality for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, using surfaces on Earth to make artworks. The predominant canvas has been crop fields -- some 2,000 occurrences worldwide in the last dozen years, since the Intelligence went from making simple circles to delivering complex geometric patterns and symbols we recognize in our reality.

Comparable to Indians not seeing Spanish frigates that invaded the New World, so humanity's mental receiving mechanism has no category for crop circles. People keep ascribing them to causes they can explain, even when those ideas defy all logic. Mega-beliefs die hard, and so there's a leap required for people to open their eyes to what then would become obvious -- that there's a phenomenon not of our making that's in plain view.

A unique crop circle arrived in August, in southern England, that's very clearly a response to a message that Carl Sagan had a hand in designing, that our government sent into space in 1974. This answer has been dismissed by SETI, the government's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, because it came in a crop field and not as a radio signal, which is an absurd basis on which to evaluate. In fact, a crop circle makes eminent sense as something that could bypass our censors, who deny as a matter of policy that contact could be going on. It is ironic, when we have been so injured in America now by an unseen force, that the government suppresses news of contact for fear that the populace would panic if it realized that there is a force in play that we cannot control. And it is worth drawing attention to the benign nature of this age-old penetration being made in crop fields -- that there is nothing threatening to us, and, in fact, that there is much useful information that the formations have delivered to us.

In fact, the only sensible reaction to the new message in the crop field is to ask if humans might have made it. If people could not have done this, as we, the undersigned, know to be the case, humanity has to take seriously that we have been contacted. This is a call to bring this situation to public attention, where it can be discovered that human beings were not the causal agent for the crop circle answer that came in.

October 1, 2001

I contemplate my next efforts on the crop circle documentary, and months of work on our interviews for inclusion in the DVD, but I can't even begin. Looking months ahead has a red flag on it. Maybe it's the thing to do -- to get on with life. But since things aren't stable enough to know if there will be a human race some months down the road, I can't get my attention off this moment, moment by moment, looking for what to do. I am in my email all the time. I am reading and I am writing and I am circulating what makes the case I would make.

I think about crop circles. I think of the possibility that we croppies have an answer unlike any other. The world is so on the edge that although in other times we might be cautious or patient, how now? It was suggested to me that it would look like we were capitalizing on the world situation by using this opening to try to tell humanity. But we wouldn't be trying to win favor for our cause -- we are blessed with an understanding that, if it were widely understood, would have an enormous gentling influence on a world that could be about to blow up. Don't we want to put our heads together to see what we could do?

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