Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

March 21, 1998

The Los Angeles Times yesterday asked for stories about "how you balance your job with your search for spiritual meaning." That should make good reading. And it's a good sign when mainstream media makes a category out of "Spirituality in the Workplace." But I was thinking about the "search for spiritual meaning" as the given for us now. American Indians wouldn't have talked that way. They lived spiritual meaning. So I want to raise to visibility the fact that this "search" is not the whole story.

For someone like me, a declared atheist at age 11, to have discovered a spirit force, means you're well-advised to listen up. There is a discovery involved, of what is the make-up of every human being. The saints and saviors knew this. Humanity at large, however, has believed that what the sages have been talking about is something outside of themselves. So, we personify God, and worship this high-mindedness, remaining apart from it, no matter how good we get.

I have discovered that God is inside myself. This God inside just "is." In fact, "God" isn't even the right label for what I mean to describe. This is nameless territory, before the faces of God arise. THIS PLACE IS THERE IN YOU. I promise. Just open to the possibility that what you are looking for is looking for you, and you stand a chance to make the hook-up. You won't go where you're not headed, unless something comes along and sweeps you off your feet (nearly dying, for example, or taking a psychedelic). So, first thing is to look in the direction of an inner landscape. Go back and read Jesus for corroboration. Or get into the Vedantic Eastern tradition of "self-inquiry" leading to "direct knowing." You can read I Am That, a book of talks with Nasargadatta, for my favorite mapping.

So here we are, an expression of spiritual meaning, not a search for it. Sweet, huh? Let's meet on this Web site. Shoot the cosmic breeze. Compare notes. Celebrate. Consider how we can help this hurting world to wake up.

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