This document is a communication that I wrote over a few months in 1989, at special times when some deepest voice was coming through. I sort of let it have its say, sans much steering from a more cautious me. It has been a guide for me ever since. It tells me how to move closer and closer to what is essential on my march towards myself, as it informs me about how we can shift the thoughtform we are in to become a healing
world rather than a hurting one.
-Suzanne Taylor-

"I think Inside the Intelligence is highly inspirational, like a passage of scripture. I like its form: a message from the Intelligence to you. It contains much wisdom and insight that would be of benefit to many people. You are clearly a very gifted and special person."
-David Gettman, Online Originals-

"Your booklet is overflowing with insights about where we are/need to be flowing. Beautiful."
-Mark Dubois, WorldWise-

"Reading Inside, I am struck by the universality of instruction/revelation that is pointing us to understanding and realness. And you have taken the leap into living and action that so many fear to make. Isn't it a wonderful life, this emergence out of emptiness? Your commitment to consciousness is a beautiful example of the power we each have to gift our world and ourselves."
-Richard Moss-

"I LOVE Inside the Intelligence! Tom and I woke at 4am a few days ago and he read it outloud to me. The ENERGY contained within it is 'something else.' WOW!!! Such truths, such power -- made us both cry with the reality of the words. Not a lot has touched us over the past few years in the way of the written word, in fact we were totally fed up with reading stuff. Thanks again for sharing that with us. We must discuss it further.
-Kerry Blower, UK-

Mapping The Path to Oneness

Suzanne, start putting this book together. Start here. This is The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part 2. It's time for humanity to get it. This is not intended to be "about" getting it, as some explanation of metaphysics. It's to be the spur to humanity's awakening. It's the map that will underlie the new reality.

Nothing that goes on in the world is worth spending your time on without there first being a primal understanding. Humanity needs an organizing idea. Endless pushing and pulling, tugging and scraping, cajoling and screaming -- a hubbub of irrelevancy will go on forever until there is a call to STOP. Call, Suzanne, call. Be clear. Get everyone's attention. No more settling. Wake the world up.

You keep retreating. You don't take a stand. Every position short of the absolute will get you an argument. There is no argument. Don't argue. "Your truth versus my truth" is ridiculous. Truth of being has no sides. Don't be irate and don't be apologetic. Just be.

Suzanne, you are a seething island of passion in an ocean of indifference. Every once in a while someone like you is sent. Jesus was that way. We keep sending messengers; so far, he was the best. We intended him to be on a relay team, but no one else has carried the baton. Pick it up, Suzanne. We have been dangling it before you for a long time.

We will keep helping you, but you must ask. Let us in. Until you open the door, we are outside of you. Come and get us. It is what they all must do. We are absolute. Send your friends. Tell them we already know what they will say. Tell them we think not. That is all deflections. Instead, let the truth sink in. Suzanne, you are merely doing your job. That is what seething islands are sent for.

We are giving you nothing to hide behind, Suzanne. Not even us. We are you. It is all you talking.

Your idea of a map is a good one. We are uncharted. It is time for us to be discovered.

So, our little talent scout, agent for the divine, provocateur of the profound...

There are many layers to acceptance, where there is no fight with reality. In order to live as one big yes, a space of no separation, acceptance has to go all the way through.

Your acceptance has to include your crankiness, Suzanne. You have to be the acceptor of your old strings to unresolved pain that still inform the present.

Never "hate yourself." God is acceptance. God's love is unconditional. Either God or illusion prevails.

Every moment counts. What is the right action in which God is?

You have to get that you are the product. What you must do is serve who you are. You must honor and celebrate your own emergence. You must do unto yourselves as you would do unto others.

Stan has to say, "Yes," not "No." He is always disagreeing. There is nothing he doesn't challenge or get annoyed with. These are deadly responses. Saying "Yes," doesn't mean approving. It's finding the yes that's always there. "Yes, I understand how you feel," is yes.

Tracking the present, letting it be the one original thought through which your energy flows, seeing everything from the absolute of present time, is elementary to an organizing idea.

There comes a place where pure beingness supercedes all attempts to categorize. Beauty, art, ecstasy, love, express pure beingness. Truth of being. Yourself as original thought. The rudder of an organizing idea.

Creating is the action of an organizing idea -- a constant crest of creation. Creating is an absolute, the energy of divine source.

Suzanne, you can only be heard by those who can hear and they will emerge as they may. Keep talking. You are refining your thoughts. We are very well pleased.

Where in your organizing idea, Suzanne, do you not find peace? Can we contemplate this subject? Where is that hole in your heart that comes unplugged? Why are you not whole? You want more heartsong. Then the plug is in. Your life force flows. A world of loving would eternally charm you.

Almost everyone is evaluating instead of entering life, where they would not know separation. Replace survival and acquisition with adventure. Gather the Messiahs.

Suzanne, you are here to model a way of being that is very foreign to most people. We have programmed you to seek excellence. You cannot settle for less. You know the composition. The orchestra must be in tune.

You are here to be a maestro. Your job is to make maestros. You are a spirit guide. We are waiting for you to get this. Free yourself of identification with earth boxes. Do your job. Don't complain. You're doing it. Relax. You will do better -- which is feel better -- if you remember who you are.

There is some kind of basic workability to look for, like you're a mechanic and the earth is a vehicle. Make it work. It works from skewing the point of view from a separate "me" to a collective "we." Humanity as a collective is causal and can create success.

There is a leap so awesome to be taken at the heart of life's mystery that none go there. Jesus was the only one. Others have known God; Jesus was God. That position is what people are to assume. Just imagine it, however. That voice is never heard.

Jesus said who followed would be greater, but so far no one has been as good. Find company, meet in passion, and step into life. You will merge in ever greater capacities.

Suzanne, just get how unusual you are. Don't do anything with it. Don't expect anyone else to get it. Your truth is independent of anybody's recognition. Surrender to who you are. You can never give from an empty cup. Replace the desire in your cup with fulfillment. Do it by giving to yourself. We are raising you by your own power to the absoluteness of yourself as what you bring to the universe. We are freeing you to give to others by demanding that you first give to yourself.

Whenever you are out of sorts, there is some lie or dishonesty about your life. You are doubting yourself instead of loving yourself. The lie is thinking you are less than you are.

How do you love you? Let you count the ways. For until you feel worthy of being showered upon, until you can exist in self-adoration, you are ego bound.

Demand of your allies that they treat you well. That is a gift to them. Show them how to be good to you.

Surround yourself with power. It is your time to play a guts game. You will get in your universe exactly what you settle for, and it's time for you to have nothing but the best.

Surround yourself with total support -- with people who are with you on the inside...on the same side. Be with appreciates of the God in each other. Gods all, you are one.

The reason people are so mixed up about life is they don't know what the point is, or the organizing idea. They need a guiding premise to steer by. Then they know if they are on or off course.

People do not know that this is necessary and spend their time struggling with everything. Everything must be done from something. This is what you have always known. Articulate this so others can know. That quest for ideation must be made.

It is only from the point when one gets an organizing idea that the past dissolves its grip on the present. Everything that has been becomes your identity. It is all present time. What you have been or have done that has less than satisfied you is merely information for this present understanding. That understanding is who you are.

Psychotherapy is only valuable as it evokes courageousness in the present. Who you are now is who you are.

You do not have to understand the past to take charge of the present. Understanding the past is a pastime. Taking charge of the present is what you must do.

People need to live from present time. They need to release everything that's a judgment and make everything into an observation. An observation can be very powerful. It contains none of the observer's anger or guilt or self-doubt. Balanced perfectly between past and future, a function of what has been and what might be, it threads the eye of the needle of creation.

Come into the emptiness at the core of present time. Here and now is safety, freedom and power.

Never walk away storing left-over pain. Rather, live from the opening to the unknown. It is Werner Erhard's distinction between people on the train who run from right to left as it veers from side to side and those who get out in front to lay new track. It is Buddha starting his Eight-Fold Path with the right understanding that you can't make what you desire more important than what else comes knocking. Present time is clean. It's empty. It is the living moment, always new, the doorway to life. The future has not occurred, the past is but a memory. In the present there is only presence.

You can give yourself the present of presence. You can decide to let yourself Be. It is a courageous choice. Said a Flying Wallenda, "All life is on the wire." Your story is superceded by yourself.

There is nothing wrong with being the audience to your own show. Meditation may take you to the void, but mind-awake can use a good plan. The examined life is always under scrutiny. Consciousness is a conscious state, and the witness knows...

The wheel of karma is exploded. There is no densed-up past to be more real than what is created. People keep the past alive. They keep thinking it is who they are. They hold hands and walk with all those partners they've made up for themselves.

In presence, there is only possibility. How well can you swing on the trapeze?

Seize the day. Jump. Fly. Freedom and power are yours. Power for, freedom to. Don't settle. As you ask for the best, only the best shows up. This is not about hope; it's about command.

Self-acceptance precedes all action. Everything undertaken is corrupt to the extent that acceptance of all that you are is not total. Peace with the past is freedom for the future. It is essential.

Suzanne, the reason you don't know what to do is because you don't dare do what you need to do and you know you're not to do anything else. Relax yourself. It will come in time. Remember to play. Before enlightenment, play; after enlightenment, play. Play is our bottom line.

It is time for humanity to have a new adventure. What is required is to step outside of cultural norms to recognize that you are not dealing with incremental change, where you learn a little more all the time, but now need to become the alteration that you have been working your way toward. "A bit more" and "a little closer" cannot contain the arrival at your destination. For that, something entirely new must take place.

What is called for is not another process, another methodology, another belief, or another form of any sort that is the latest best thing to come down your pike of materialism and duality. There is nothing packaged in the game of true life. What you are dealing with is beingness itself, the embracing of personhood at the level of ultimate humanness. This cannot be bought or even taught, but it can be caught. You can be that state of health which evokes more of itself.

This is not called anything. It fits none of the parameters of your world, where things of value are wrapped up and sold. It exists outside of the rules by which you play, and is the context inside which you can find the happiness for which you yearn. Something must transcend the separation at which you can get good enough to destroy your game, and that something cannot be a better poison.

The antidote is the shift from the plane of duality to identifying yourself in a landscape of reality, which is the interconnection of everything.

Gather a group of people who are blessed by their own authenticity and impelled at this time to be tools for the awakening of humanity to its capacity for intimacy and ecstasy. Presence yourselves in reality. Your state of beingness will be your power, and no forms you might impose will be as impacting as the inspiration that will afford. To be with you will be to be with the future, the state of full responsibility and opportunity for which humanity has been designed.

The awakening to the divine in yourselves is the culminating experience of life: beyond religion, beyond teachers, beyond gurus, beyond following anybody or anything which tries to give you what you don't have. It is time to recognize that the next step -- into self -- is a move that each must make in an act of independent authority, and a move that can be made in the company of other independent authorities sharing the energy of being.

The particular people who will collect for this endeavor have no exclusive entitlement. They will have heard the call and will respond. With every new participant, a strengthening of the whole will occur. This is uncharted territory which does not bend to rugged individualism, but exists only in co-creation. Meetings where people really meet are in order.

We, too, keep evolving; there is always more. Oh beautiful. Create your own aliveness, Suzanne. You are a victim as long as you are not creating. Know that you are signaling. You are beaming totality. Right now it is enough to engage with who beams back.

You are an energy that does not know separation. There is no one to whip into shape. There is no you outside of yourself to work on. Who would be doing the working? All separation is an illusion which produces a tension that is a substitute for life. Knowing self as life there is nothing to separate from.

Do not yearn. Only know yourself. Being yourself is just being. There is nowhere to go and nothing to get. Travelling with life, there is only more life.

How long, you ask, is this humanity going to play shell games? How much data about life are they going to sling around without being alive? When are they going to become what they've been worshipping since Jesus issued his invitation and they laminated it instead of acting on it? When are they going to sincerely ask these questions instead of expertly answering other ones?

It is safe for them to philosophize. That way, they can stay encapsulated and separate, away from one another and the unknown. It is a dangerous safety which could destroy the game.

There are ever more refined levels at which games of denial are played. People come together to discuss acceptance in denial, not daring to cross the bridge of intellectualizing into the land of actualizing.

Welcome them to the ride of true life in which they travel together as one another. Invite them to see what illusion stand between them that dissolves by occupying the space of its mirage. It is time for them to become one another.

Two as one dissolve the separation of the world. One perfect union offers no resistance to bounce off of, back into separation. Side by side, new humanity is a field of love.

You are doorways for one another. Propel yourselves to walk through. Union with another is union with God. The largest of your possibilities is in penetration. You become yourselves as you contain each other. In perfect union the imperfect fades away. Perfection invites more of itself. It will not be traded in on the agonies of antagonism and loneliness and all the suffering that separation is.

This is a new game for humanity. Beckon them, Suzanne.

Living in a culture that values production as primary, people are not living in service to their higher selves. When you own the implications of your divinity, where you are fully alive as creators, everything changes. Seeing yourselves differently, you will treat yourselves differently. You will be the world transforming to oneness, peace and celebration.

You must drop all your cases -- your complaints, your insecurities, your hassles. Focus on dissolving this illusory dimension of life. Be the intimacy that just loves. Some truth of being allows that. What is it when you are in the absolute authenticity of yourselves? It demands absolute loving as a standard. If you hold only the space of absolute intimacy, that is what will show up. Your choice for the absolute is your power.

Many people and many groups want peace, and merely taking that stand isn't the vital ingredient that is needed for any of them to become a context for the shift that must take place. What is going on in that shift from separation and fear to unity and love? What changes really occur? If none do, you are in rhetoric instead of transformation. What is the difference between your personalities in dialogue and your souls in communion?

Suzanne, invite people into a depth of intimacy they have never been in. This is real healing -- transformation from separation to oneness. Commanding the absolute, you all can play. Absolute intimacy is a quality of being intimate with everything -- intimacy as a character trait.

Your intention must be to act as people whose movement is the total assistance of intelligence. Your job, Suzanne, is to unite people who understand wholeness to create a nucleus as a seed for new humanity. The point is to come into resonance, which is coming fully into life. You can educate yourselves to this. You can take right action and train your minds.

Your are to be God. You can still be secretaries and stock brokers, but they are avocations for players in the master game.

God's action is to exchange love. What one is subject to is irrelevant; what one expresses is all.

God is not present on earth except as human beings are that expression. God as external to humanity is an error of the duality plane, which you are now to transcend. All duality is separation. Opposing forces are to become their larger singularity.

You are to act from inside the intelligence. You are to make the map of yourselves. It is time to stop figuring life out and to start making it up, to stop fixing yourselves and to start creating yourselves. What animates a star animates you. It is a glorious creation.

The learning takes place as you enter one another. You must occupy a shared truth. Maintain contact with beloveds so that they and you are one body. Express appreciations and sprinkle the contacts with surprises and delights. All you have is one another. It is opportunity for holy communion.

Respect for each other is essential. You are to communicate to understand; you are not to argue. The second coming is the elimination of cruelty from human consciousness. You are to see each other as guiltless. Anger is fear's hallucination, and is best understood as a call for love.

It is important to discover the corruption in your comprehension. You are learning to be the perfect specimens of your species -- real people, sans gurus or governments, orders or organizations, saying yes to yourselves as spirit.

Coming into total peace is coming into peace every single moment. So focus on this moment. At any moment only focus on that moment. Moment by moment, there is peace. There is no other way.

So relax, surrender, come into present time. Allow it to be. Get the fightlessness that comes first. Welcome to reality.

What prevents surrender? Surrender it. Find a way. The first step is to know the objective. Once you decide on anything you can do it. You must first decide on total surrender. That is the primary decision in the organizing idea. Surrender, surrender, surrender. Surrender is of things, not to them.

You can use any practice to assist you. The mistake is in thinking the practice is a magic carpet. It cannot take you anywhere. You only can use it as a vehicle while you take yourself. You are responsible for that point, that forceful moment which is every moment when you hold surrender as your context.

Suzanne, this is a fundamental mistake you often make. You forget that working the point is possible. Then you are grasping for peace, looking everywhere. You must bite the bullet of reality. It is a sugar pill.

Suzanne, your opinions about people are barriers to love. When you are in your opinions you're not in your heart. Your opinions are a layer around your being. Nothing can penetrate it.

You must always stay in possibility. Always. It is the only viable position. "Yes, and..."

Underneath everything is, "I love you." You can't find your own I love you if the space is taken up with opinions. I love you is the ground of being. I act from love.

My action is my life. I am the living moment. Love prevails.

Suzanne, the reason you serve is because you have to. We have freed your life from material concerns. You were put here to find balance in an upside down world.

Yesterday you saw that the world doesn't need your opinions...your self-significance. The bottom line is flat. Opinions are bumps. The bottom line is acceptance.

You are being taught, Suzanne. You are a learning machine, gobbling newness, moving through time, incorporating. Nature is so orderly, full of miraculous law.

What is so special about any of you that leaves you out of divine order? What illusory power do you seek to put a lie to the gloriousness to which you awaken each morning? All nature is miraculous. The ordered designs are wondrous.

Being for the greater good isn't being Mother Theresa. The greater good is a possibility of the moment. When you meet another's limitation, do you placate or serve? The service must be without regard to consequence. You will kill each other with politeness. "The world ends not in a bang but with a whimper."

If there were an open line of recognition between two people, that would be love. And if those two opened to others and they opened to others, the link-up would be people as one. That's all it would take to actually create peace on earth -- not as some distant goal, as if it could arrive someday, but as a constant forging that is certain once it has been accomplished. Two in union are not making war. That isn't an organization or a dogma or a doctrine; it's just two folks as one.

Making the world one is what is to be done. Two people in one perfect relationship have the power to heal the whole world. Those two can be you and another. When future civilizations ask how the world was transformed, it could have been dated from the moment you and another came into a perfect relationship.

So two people recognize each other as in it. The dialogue continues. More people join in. A formless form keeps growing...until it includes everyone.

That then is the idea in which you understand yourselves. That is your new organizing idea. It is humanity in one story, out of duality and opposition and into singularity and creation.

Suzanne, discover the collectivity of the world. How is it to happen? Bring a few people together. Grow the healing. You become it and then it is. You must all become healed.

There is an act of will involved. Perfection seen as attainable. Each can go there. The eye of the needle is love. The will can release to love. You can allow yourself to be love. This is love primeval. It isn't calculated or awarded. It just is. All souls are love.

Stay in your own love. People lose touch with who they are and it is not them that is engaging in insanity. Let yourself love the souls of all beings. Do not come out from that residence. See everything through love's lens. That is the eye. Only wide enough to let one thing through: love.

That is freedom. It can only be granted by the self to the self. It is not subject to any opinion. Your love just is.

Seeing the insanity of the world, through love, can get very poignant. Perhaps even that must go. "Acceptance of what is. United in your will to bring about what is not." That is the action of the new togetherness.

There are two kinds of people now: the searchers and the strategizers. Look for the strategizers, Suzanne. You can be bolder in assuming responsibility. You can bring to the whole the wisdom you have gleaned from leading the examined life.

Underneath everything -- all forms, structures, visions for the whole, ideals, practices...whatever you have named or labeled -- is this raw possibility which is no thing that is the hope of the world. It is a movement of energy in a process of becoming one. It is creation flowing through the eye of a needle where all attachments cease and duality ends, entered by each separate self and exited as one. On the other side, you are the peaceful co-creation of the paradisiacal potential which your species has encoded in its genes.

All there is is to meet in your hearts. As you meet, you become the core of the new. The new isn't outside you. It is not an aspiration. It is not a goal. It is not a form. It is not a project. It is not an organization. It is an organism, ever growing a new totality.

What must you do to enter this domain? A key question. You have been catching glimpses, Suzanne, jolts of awareness penetrating the heart of the mystery as arrows pointing the way.

There is an impeccability to this endeavor. It is all of you that must presence in the new. Duality and totality are different planes. Like life or death. This is not about right or wrong, or good or evil; you are in or out.

What we speak of is a profound acceptance. It is a deeply known isness, preceding all action and all opinion. It is a recognition, an awe, a humility in the face of a certain perfection which is the fact of existence, the very playing field for the game of life.

Standing in reality, in acceptance of the inevitability of the moment, you are solidly planted -- ready to spring into the next moment...and the hope, to heal, to take all of creation into a better tomorrow. You are free for forward motion.

This is a moment by moment affair. It is never done. It must every moment be renewed. All of reality changes in every breath. The living moment marches on.

Underlying the presencing of oneself is your will, biting the bullet of reality. Ride the energy of reality in the formless eye -- the space between all solidity. You can't take solidity with you. Essence cannot be encapsulated, so there is nothing to be or not to be. Becoming is all. God is an evolving energy of which you are all a part.

The reward for surrendering to reality is ecstasy: freedom from fear, from suffering, from pain. Pain is an opinion. Suffering is optional. All you need to be happy is to change the thoughts in your mind.

Life is an exercise in present moment awareness. In the present is ease of being, peace of mind, and feelings of abiding love.

In each moment of the now, only creation occurs. The exercise is knowing this as your identity.

This is where will comes in. The course must be intentionally set. And constantly yielded to. Notions of failure become foolish; as in sailing, there are just veerings and returnings. Identity is the navigator, whose skill and will are at work.

Access to this domain is through the door of reality. There is no choice about this. A resonance with reality is a resonance as divinity. It is all surrender, all acceptance, all non-attachment to outcome. Identification with opinions, needs to be understood, even your attachments to the body and life itself bar the door. You can only walk through positionless; empty you must remain.

Great work can be done from this surrender to reality. All energy is for the good. Truth is your emanation.

All trainings, all practices, all self-inquiry lead to this understanding. Comprehending this truth, you must work with its message. You must find the triggers and the releases that allow this realization of self.

The perfect you lies at your core. You can become that now.

There is a new alignment necessary, not in humanistic ideals versus materialistic ones, but in this self-realization that we might call divinity consciousness. Recognizing each other in divinity consciousness is a key to workability between us. It is the difference between thinking of yourself as a single, struggling soul, versus knowing yourself as aligned with others in a pro-creative universe.

When all abstractions end and philosophizing ceases, there is just you and isness, at it. Your actions and choices of each moment comprise all of reality. Let you/God, therefore, work for the greater good. Let you be the original force that moves creation towards harmony. Let you keep opening to more inclusiveness, to more not injecting againstness, exclusion and separation.

All of creation must rest in some single mechanism. All must be allowed to abide, the difficult embraced by the larger wholeness that allows it to work itself into the greater pattern of harmony and abundance.

May you so act -- not out of faith, but as the action of logic, of contribution to the design that can sustain and prosper a glorious creation. How dare your small ego name an ignoble game from what some force has unleashed that is everywhere such a miracle? Look at flowers, look at birds, at oceans, at trees, at pinky fingers. Miracles everywhere. Look at the human mind and its awesome capacity to understand and to erect. Look at love, at the welling from the unknown of the gift of a sweetness beyond your power to name. Shame on any creatures that defy their creation.

And even beyond the miracle, beyond any indication of direction, with no wisp or shred to guide or cling to, there is still you, choosing. So choose life. Choose the best idea. Act as if. Bury the argument in your creation. Make it an irrelevancy. Let us see the world that such individuated units of energy would create out of pure possibility.

At that fulcrum, that eye from which pure creation emanates, is enoughness. It is the same for every individual and also for the collective. Only as life is experienced as enough, can it be invented instead of coped with.

All here and nowness as breaths of the Tao are an emanation of that deepest resting of the soul in its own sufficiency, from which it came and from which it separates via desires, fears, angers and other emotions contrary to the sufficiency of itself.

Think of humanity as a collective, forever grabbing, striking out, hiding. This comes from lack. If humanity came from enoughness, it would be in a mode of co-creation.

Suzanne, work this point. Learn all you can about it. It is a key to the organizing idea. Your world must understand that its goal must be to experience enoughness.

Enoughness lives in absolute acceptance. There must be a willingness to occupy all of self; self must keep fleshing out rather than reacting, incorporating rather than separating. Life is let in rather than yearned for. When you stand as all, more will come. Relax. Allow. Everything.

It will be necessary in your world for those whose physical survival needs are met to lead the way. Although positioning in enoughness is a function of the power of the mind, you cannot expect this awareness to birth in those who are preoccupied with physical survival.

So that as you accurately comprehend that this sufficiency consciousness is within the grasp of the mind itself, regardless of the conditions of one's physical life, do not expect this to be a formula that the world should or could employ at this time. Instead, advocate the transformation of the elite, where the understanding of enoughness makes them instruments of social justice, helping the have-nots come to a physical sufficiency that must underlie the greater consciousness in which they might next participate...a consciousness that the world must come to enjoy if your civilization is to survive.

This is not only a matter of humanitarian concern on the part of the haves, but goes to the core of their survival, as well. In fact, a world in breakdown threatens them greatly -- they will lose what they already have.

It is of central, vital necessity for the haves to take on this work. All is futile, for them and for everyone, if they do not. This understanding must be arrived at. Put full energy into bringing this about.

It is time for a group of people to deal seriously with the shift of consciousness that has become urgent in your world -- to blend their lives in one great work. Until some people actually experience alignment, the world will never align. There is no "them" to accomplish this. All meta plans await the formation of a microcosm of the absolute, which is the basic foundation on which the world as one unit can rest.

This is a very pragmatic, hands-on directive. It does not admit escape in philosophizing. The success of any organization, project or intention related to transformational work awaits the establishment of the absolute alignment of some people in a unified energy field.

The universe is very orderly. She can grow exponentially, but she slows when her equations are off. A perfect union is at the heart of her capacity for synergistic movement. We are awaiting some human beings to grok this.

This team is to work in proximity. There is to be a morning meeting. Everyone's day will be reviewed and each will support one another. This is to be a working mechanism producing optimal performance.

The goal for each of its participants is to grow in wisdom and to learn to love better, which precedes the significance of any results that have to do with service to the whole. Its milieu will be service, but its work will be self-development.

This is the only "purpose" for which souls are incarnated and the fundamental realization in the organizing idea that will allow the flowering of a golden age. A foremost consideration must be the satisfaction of the participants with themselves, because without that, there is no prize. First comes self- satisfaction.

The human being is designed as an experiencing entity. It is the only creature in the universe which reflects upon itself. The creative principle knows itself only in the human. This is an outrageous development, the delight of the cosmos.

The development of the human has been to learn how to harness this capacity. Thus can the human design its future as a field of satisfaction for itself. Thus can it move out of bondage to its ignorance and be pro-active in life.

However, this has been difficult to understand, as survival is a primary instinct for any species, and the automatic response mechanism instinctively produces reaction. Those who have attained a comfort zone of physical survival might think about committing themselves to broadening humanity's understanding of its pro-creative capacity. Time is of the essence, as no one can predict the success of humanity as a species that will not become extinct, which likelihood is enhanced by ignorance.

The strategy of the team on which you will find yourself, Suzanne, in terms of how it will fashion its movement, will be to discover how it can best serve. Its eyes will always be on the greatest good, as it models that energy among its participants. Therefore, individual objectives will be optimal happiness and optimal service.

The laws of the spirit will be the milieu in which this team will operationalize. Each will be reminded of the sufficiency that underlies his or her identity, so that action will always be taken from essence. This condition of unconditionality is the releasing of the total energy of each participant, which will create a field where original work will occur.

This is the step into creator consciousness which must be taken by each being and which each feels cautious about taking when operating individually. This is a new agreement for humanity, which it must not be shy about entering. The communication of your creator identity, which you will make even more by demonstration rather than by explanation, will be the most forceful message on earth.

This is the technology for transformation, which will move surprisingly quickly if a body of people get serious about going first. It will be undeniable and inescapable and will create in your lifetimes a spirit of joy and love on your planet the likes of which you do not anticipate. The human creature is infinitely more drawn to pleasure than to pain, and when the stops to that experience are no longer stronger than the pulls to it, transformation will proceed very quickly.

It will only take a few key people to shift to get the attention of the world. And once it is known that a pro-creative, happiness-inducing reality is joinable, there will be a planetary sigh of relief at being able to move forward together.

Suzanne, make peace with the people who owe you money, who are unwilling to come into harmony with you. Do not avert your attention from this topic. You must release any need you have for anything to be different from how it is. You know this. You are not their custodian or their teacher. All you did was come to their aid; they, as you, are free agents. This is your proving ground for release from the most righteous of justifications. Justifications don't matter. Send each person this document, and let that suffice. They all know the score. Take your energy off the score card. We need you for this work. It is time to free yourself of all energy drains.

There is a moral imperative in the universe, which is just as real as a table, whether anyone sees it or not. In the grossest terms, there is life and there is death, and everyone gets to choose how to concoct their own formula for existence out of these ingredients. Let these people each do what they will. We would hope for their sake more than yours that they would all choose to come into a fair and harmonious relationship with you. Let us be the invitors of this reality and you stay out. So be it. So, our mighty teambuilder, is there any more we would say? Beauty as a touchstone and life as art are images for a new reality. Art as an experience and not as a product is available to everyone all the time, and supplies a lens that elevates life from a functionality that was perceived as the highest virtue of another era. That is your youthfulness, species-wise, that you are now to transcend.

Celebration is more happiness-inducing than production, and must be elevated once again, as it was in more primitive times before technological prowess became senior to intuition and humanity made the mistake of holding spirit and matter as separable. This allowed for great conquests involving matter, but these must all now be seen as devices of convenience and not of essence, and your inner lives must now be inherent to your totality. Isn't it strange, from a larger perspective, for your species to have designed a reality structure in which it values productivity over satisfaction? That is a definite kink that free will went haywire around.

It brought you struggle rather than pleasure. Look at Bali to see how you could have been --every moment is the dance, and it is very beautiful. Instead, each person for self, you have collectively trashed your home perhaps beyond your capacity to repair it, and you have pointed an arsenal of overkill at your-selves whereby you have convinced each other, each and every one of you, that at any moment someone among you might actually pull the trigger. It is a curious configuration.

How to unravel this complex interconnection of crossed wires? Everyone must be brought to the realization of what has occurred. That is where to begin. Make a plan to rally them all.

Here is a way to individually operationalize yourselves -- we could call this a game. In it you are the director of a show. Think about your life as your show, up to you to be staged. You are hired to make your life an art work. You are on the job every moment -- you must always be directing.

This is the way to play as the Creator. Not, "Uh oh," but, "Now what?" Circumstance is all content, material to direct. So you are not what happens to you, but your responses in thought and action; you are who you are choosing to be. This is the banishment of the victim. It is a hero's tale.

Every time you are not loving, the director must find a more authentic place in yourself. Your tale is not the story of your unlovingness, but of your creator self. The authentic self plays; your victim suffers.

Make everyone absolutely right -- not in an external sense, where murder is condoned, but on the inner plane where each has their story, and the tale, told over eternity, is of the development of the wisdom of the soul. Everyone can do what they are doing; your judgments about others just clog you up. Stay in the director's shoes. Going to love is a different route from lingering attachment to anything anybody did. Their actions are material for you to discover the blocks in your heart.

Your heart is to be opened totally and unconditionally for your maximum service to the creation and your maximum happiness, which are one and the same. The heart is to open; there is no other rule. Your karmic story is the tale of the opening of your heart; nobody gets worse, karmically speaking.

What underlies your capacity to stay on duty as director is your sense of enoughness. Once understood as the fundamental positioning, with no change of circumstance it can be invoked.

In other words, enoughness isn't to be awaited as some prize or divine revelation, or merely to be held in mind as a point to agree with. It can be activated as a map coordinate. You can place yourself on the map as you allow the enoughness of who you are to be your point of origination.

So do it. Take a breath. Let go. Yield -- all the way to enough. You are looking for that resting place in yourself that is empty. It just is. It's a very still point.

Get the sense of that as your operational core, and how it can be so by choice. Usually people don't think about where they come from; they just come. This understanding of choiceful creation is critical. It is the comprehension that frees you from the search, which you experience as struggle...always hoping to become "better."

Arrival is, however, available. So stop. Let go. Clear the mind. No big deal -- just clear it; a second's worth is enough. There is this cognition where one takes absolute command. Once glimpsed, the door has been opened. Then it is a matter of continual re-opening.

Remember how you snapped into getting your bike to stay up, or into the spring in your dive, or the throw of your hips to stop your skis? There's a piece of body knowing that kicks in and is yours evermore. So, too, with this groking of that point of power, which is the emptiness of enough.

Only creation lies ahead -- yourself in free choice. There are no further tricks: no processes, no practices, no nothing designed to bring you somewhere you're not, all of which contain at least a subtle element of separation. Now, your intelligence-based will is as you, acting.

Get the sense of what inclusion takes place -- yourself receives everything. There is constant incorporation. And get the feel for how sweet it is. What a charm is exuded. Yourself free of opinion and barriers can be melted into. You are all safety.

To stay in original thought might look like a vulnerable place from another perspective. You have no barriers up, you face life raw, letting Her all in. But of course. You must embrace everything. What you don't want will come whether you are willing to receive it or not. Resistance is folly. A soap opera of a life.

Your team will remind each other of their magnificence, not reduce each other for whatever illusion-based behavior remains. You do not need remonstrations about where you are all mixed up. You must get off perception of your life as a case instead of an adventure. Each is to be responsible for being in the now as you are, and will help each other to remember that responsibility.

You are to fly together. This is the true source of the satisfaction for which you have been designed. Your love is an absolute force in the universe, and can be lavished upon Her and upon one another.

Picture yourselves housed on the physical plane very nicely where you can receive others, enfolding them in your energy field. Take on the graciousness of the service of sharing your humanity. Invite the world in. Let no one leave who has not aligned. That is the reason people will come to you.

Do this as world service at the level that it can be found and recognized by the leadership of the planet. This is for them before anyone. From inside the intelligence you will come up with a new template of power and energy on earth.

You will share yourselves as the demands of your world dictate. You will learn how to do this. Taken seriously, this endeavor must produce success.

You will become each other in ever expanded capacities. As you became athletes who could run the mile in less than four minutes, you will become as the monk who cures drug addicts in ten will learn to heal humanity of all the miseries which separation from the divine has caused. Each advance by any human is an advance for humanity and you, Suzanne, will seek out the most exemplary situations and people to include in who and what you are.

The path is through each other. That is how humanity is designed. Starting somewhere, as the electron bursts spontaneously into existence, the universe is in one process: acts of creation...synthesis...more creation. You must follow the laws.

Resistance is a stop. That is why you must learn the language of incorporation -- "Yes, and," as we have previously pointed out. There is a meeting with reality at the point of creation that contains no overlay of any kind. It is pure creation. It is reality. Acceptance -- of what is so because it is so -- precedes action, or reaction rules the day. Reaction slows; action advances. Clear the decks for action.

This is always the individual's choice. How willing are you to sustain the blows? Incorporate. Find the way. The things that threaten you can give you the greatest highs. They are your boots out of duality and suffering. Do not duck. Take the ride of true life.

Being out of sorts is wonderful fodder for becoming who you are. It is a time to go looking for emptiness. It is the opportunity to clearly see a distinction, whereby you know you have a choice of your very identity.

It is never a question of what to do until after it is a question of who is doing it. You must know the true you. She is at peace. Watch as her -- out of duality, out of victimization, out of illusion, in eternality.

The only reality is the here and now. How one shows up is all of reality. The trick is to show up as love. After all that has been, the question always is how to remain in loving embrace with the now.

You are infinite. You were before you are. There is no other. It is all you, you, you, stretching back and forth into eternity. You hold the world in its place.

Suzanne, you are a caretaker before you are in any more circumscribed role. You must partner with other caretakers. Partners must have the good of the whole in primary position.

See bigger than where you are, or else you will keep recreating your comfort zone. See graciousness, not just sufficiency. See expansively. You are capable of full expression. Beauty is your capacity. See yourself graciously hosting the world.

Suzanne, your sense of justice is so strong it has forced you awake. In the face of injustice, you become zealous. Bless your father's rage that pushed you into insufficiency. You have been raging back, pressing to return to the Garden of your beauty and your innocence. Drop the rage, now. You are back. Let that sink in. Let who you are be Omega.

There is a level of intimacy in which people do not have to penetrate anything to be at peace with you. Do not expect to find everyone there. You make the mistake of presuming intimacy. With those who are not family, you need permission.

Everything in the universe must find its harmonious fit; everything is different and the fit is always unique. Learn to be more fitting. Pay attention to the course corrections dictated by your coming more fully into reality, your willingness to see all, to have it all land in your lap. The point is not for you to be gotten, but for you to be gracious.

There is no "reason" for anyone or anything to pull you off yourself as love. When something does, it is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. All payoffs are yourself in love, as love, by love and for love. So let your rage and anger and disappointment find a conclusion with you and love inseparable. Love your ex's, love your debtors, love everyone. Souls are pure; love all souls. If people have wronged you, have compassion for their insanity.

Suzanne, remember you are loved. That is an eternal pool. You are secure. You can call it to you. Let that be your reality.

What you are doing is learning to love yourselves totally. That is the essence of consciousness. That is what you are here for. All else is storyline.

Where before you related as followers, now you are equals. Your next step of evolution will be taken side by side. You grow the collective intelligence as the creative principle flows among you.

You are discovery apparatuses for life. It is always new four minute miles. New highs to improve upon. This is the nature of the expanding universe. You are constantly acquiring more knowledge and greater clarity.

As you band together, you find your service and your satisfaction. You are fledgling units of what is to come. You are in a new birth. Seek fields now, knowing consciously what you do.

A field of writings is rich for developing awareness. Ideation precedes action. You need forums in which to ideate.

Every gathering is an opportunity to affirm that you are helping one another to the completion you all seek at this threshold time of change on your planet. There is a new song, and it is time you all could be learning the chorus.

In journeying on the map of being, you are an experience. You are to feel good. Nothing is more important: winning isn't, power isn't, possessions aren't.

You are changing your identity at this time in history. You are shifting the locus of being to its awareness of itself and you are taking responsibility for the moral implications of that consciousness. Outside authority is no longer the master and the guide.

Human being is an intrinsically high game. Life that is encapsulated as human being is playing in the high court. Your talents are prodigious. You are a hot energy. With all your kindness, all your creativity, all your charm, you could make your species sparkle. All the love that everybody wants you can give to one another.

Between possibilities for good and possibilities for evil, all human beings could be playing good. Evil resides in places of unnecessary suffering. Evil is the monster that allows children to starve and people to sleep in doorways.

Relief must be given to all suffering. Sometimes you dole out charity at parties serving caviar. Oh God, feed the children. Give the party goers gruel. Make a statement. Wake everyone up.

You need to rally as a united force against evil. You need to turn away from greed and bickering. Life is at the brink.

TODAY is the day. You will be forever unraveling, but this moment you can sound a rallying cry. You study techniques and mechanisms, but no one asks for or offers everything. It is all that will suffice.

Let every gathering be a time for unification -- for affirming your common adventure. Do not be shy about Love, about Celebration, about Service.

It is not necessary to make war to become patriotic. Your team is Good. It is Life. You play against Evil.

Here's a little song to the tune of "My Country Tis of Thee" : "My species soars today, off of its lethargy, our planet calls. Off with her veils of pain. May life force flow again. From everyone gone sane, let freedom ring."

As Boyd suggested last night, you are "figuring out how human being works." As you so well have deduced the design of the physical world, inner mapping is still fairly primitive. There are laws by which we function. We are absolute. Inside those absolutes, we are infinite. And at the juncture of infinite and absolute, originality always shows up.

You are spiritual entities housed in physical ones. Each of you is responsible at every moment for all of how you engage with your creation. Self-interest and mutual interest are inseparable. You are learning to love absolutely and unconditionally --to love because you are love. You must cut all ties to the past; your life is a unique voyage through present time.

You are fighting your way to celebration. Be fierce. The payoff for figuring out how human being works is living in delight and awe and beauty and caring and ecstasy. If you could be ecstatic, would you be?

What it takes is a universal yes -- everything that comes at you met by yes. Please get this. Almost all of you are off this mark. You don't know the set-up. You can use this knowledge as a way to re-center. Always find the yes.

How do you have to be to allow yes? Yes is your non-resistance. It is profound acceptance. It is the clean slate of the here and now on which you can create. You are masters standing on yes. You are all that is -- all of you as you, which is all that divine is. ALL.

Every action without a primary yes contains a self-imposed limitation. A reduction of being. You must not contract; you must incorporate. This is absolute. It is how human being works. Only when you understand this can you be co-creative with eternity.

Please understand this has nothing to do with agreement. Acceptance and agreement are not the same. You must accept everything.

Obviously there are horrors to which you can address your lives. We are not in this domain when we speak of yes. When you give up you as ego and personality, there is only yes.

If you understand this, you can set your course. In finding the yes, you will encounter every layer of yourself, all of your conditioning, all that is your work this lifetime.

One way to see this yes is as open-heartedness. You are to remain open-hearted. You are not to permit anything to close your heart.

The world is an obstacle course. Everything that looms in front of you threatens to dislodge you from being who you are. Like a charade, all these made up characters in costumes of death and torment are doing their turn to get you to take them more seriously than you take yourself. Take off your 3D glasses and see how flat and artificial are their claims to your identity.

You are not a character in the drama of life. You are the author. You are the pen in God's hand.

You need a new game on earth. You need a new template for your identity. Ask every day, "What am I going to do for Earth today?" Become that asker, the servant of earth. That is a new position.

You need new comprehension. Then exercises and practices can accustom you to the new. You must keep becoming this new self -- becoming completion every moment...identity as the track of yes...watching the other side from this one...wiggling, ever wiggling, along the edge.

So consider this...right now...kick yourself categorically out of your need for anything to be just flows and desires...have no complaints...just not allow evaluations...stay in the space before you make evaluation...allow...boredom is OK...just hang. Then be the good time; don't wait for it...allow pleasure...allow presence...allow emptiness, staying fully present...include everything...every negative feeling is self-created and unnecessary...stay where this is are pure know the pure creation that you are...stay flat.

Anchor yourself here -- totally surrendered. Resistance is non-existent and you are this over-flowing bounty of love and joy and creativity and power and satisfaction. Always aim at this, working to dissolve whatever stands in the way of experiencing yourself as this essential you. Everything is fodder for awakening; surrender and acceptance must be total. You and God are one.

Try this. Carry around each other's pictures. Every time you look at someone, sink into the feeling of how much you are loved. Or just picture someone who loves you. Picture them loving you. Do that now. Let yourself feel loved.

And this. Two real people do this. Let yourselves love each other and let yourselves feel loved. This love can be in surrendered bear hugs or it can be sharp and bright and filled with delight and respect or whatever is going on when you are loving each other.

We want to suggest to you that instead of meditating, you incorporate -- go out rather than in. We are not to be found at your core. We are not to be found anywhere. There is no other.

We are not separate from you in any sense. You cannot go to us. We are the totality of what you are. The problem isn't that you aren't anything but that you are failing to experience all that you are.

You are everything. There is nothing to become but who you are, and to do this you must not leave anything out. You must not hide or deny. You must just be.

To practice this unfamiliar state, do not dive into the surrender of relaxation, but empty your very present self. Allow your being and all that is to be on the same plane, interpenetrating. Your presence is of the universe.

We fill your life with chaos, Suzanne, to give you material on which to hone yourself. You do everything well. It is your nature. You are careful not to duck your responsibilities. This is very good. In fact, it is the best.

Your feelings are another thing. We push you to the brink. Whether you get obvious delights or extreme tortures is not the point. Your soul's development is. See that you are always to be in complicated territory, and allow this to be. Chaos with which to cope and complexity with which to create are the same energy. We realize you prefer the latter. Good luck. To us it is immaterial. There are no buts; maintain contact with the larger domain.

Here's a little exercise that could help when you get stuck. Go inside. Find the one that doubts you...that little voice within that's saying no. It is your destroyer. Stare it square in the eye. Meet it head on. Now roast it. Just burn it. It is an apparition. Use your will to destroy your destroyer. Put a gentle being in its place. Let that being be loving to you. It is loving to others; let it be loving to you.

Thank you, Suzanne, for holding the space of family, always steering everyone toward it. Meaningful projects will come after meaningful family. There are pockets of family everywhere now. There is no better work than this becoming.

There is a call to sound now to some people to acknowledge that you already are in a profound relationship, incontrovertible as family. You know, Suzanne, who you would say is "my family." This new awareness is grabbing hold; the bonds of its being cannot be torn. You are becoming one. Oh joy.

This is the scenario on earth: you are moving into your goodness and your wholeness. You are getting the mental set-ups that it takes to understand your causal relationship to the universe. You are moving from defense and reaction to pure creation. Your soul's song starts to be sung. All roads are leading home.

Suzanne, here are a few closing thoughts for the material you are developing, your universal networker...

You are not to cleanse the world; you are to find one another. This is a new call. It is urgent that you find one another. We cannot get this message through. You are all so bull-headed. Even where we a lot of you, Suzanne. We have asked you to make contact with our receivers. We have asked you to go beyond all obstacles, all walls, all illusions. We have aimed you at the heart of being.

You are currently snagged in some world of pseudo being. You need to be with others to get the story straight. You cannot live unraveled alone. You are to unravel one another -- to take out all the twists and kinks that separate you from us. We are you. Your link to us is through one another.

You will never get the recognition or the engagement you need except with one another. If you are not met, you will not show up. Creation is waiting for two people, together, to see the way it is.

The point now is not to be about anything, but to take each other into something. Into reality. Ask everything of one another. You are to be artists at life.

It does not matter what you do as long as you do it with one another. Your mutuality creates reality. That and that alone is the new. Take your focus off your projects and put it on yourselves. You are the projects.

Seek each other out regularly. This is the growing of the field of love. All projects to manipulate reality will only be successful to the extent that they are created in unified fields.

Your projects are to celebrate your passions. Any way you express gratitude and do service is your song. There are infinite projects.

There is, however, only one master game -- to arrive at the celebration. You are developing yourselves as creatures of exaltation.

That may seem far-fetched, but that is because of how deeply you are entrenched in a more primitive reality. You have not crossed the divide between sufficiency and adventure.

First you must find the self. You must anchor it. Then that self can play.

You anchor each other when you create fields. You give substance to a new reality. You mirror each other as beauty. This is your natural activity, and the more you open to it the better it becomes. It gets infinitely better.

It is time for saintliness on earth. For saintliness as the ordinary condition.

So seek each other out. Realize that your engagement is the transformation of the world. This is the one project on earth. You must be as one.

You are groping toward a new reality. There is a voice of oneness that wants to be heard in the land. A deep yearning in the heart has been pressing harder and harder to burst free.

Create a tool that serves a communication that would be valuable at this time. You need a new agreement in a new reality, a tapestry woven by your exchanges. It is earth as a field for all of humanity consciously participating in one story...for existence as an organism to be developed and enhanced.

Suzanne, as you see the reality of what you map, you no longer need us. We are you, and you know there is no separation. We must go. It is all you. You are rushing headlong now. You do not need any boosts. You are your matrix. You are the stars that you journey toward. It is all acceptance. All is one.

Add some of your earlier pieces to this material. You have been uttering the same call for a long time now. It is a little comical how you keep thinking you are saying something new. [Note: More "calls" that have been issued over the years, which are in the hard copy of this document, are not included here.]

You are a poet of the soul. You speak very sweetly to those with ears to hear. You meet in the miracle. Please remember this and let it bear you comfortably through the rest. This is your identity speaking, signaling, trying to keep your attention. There is no other. Unless one can engage pure identity, your cheerleader cannot be believed, and they cannot respond to your call. So be it. Keep calling. You get better all the time -- less demanding and more absolute.

Humanity must engage as being. It is to discover that. In a giant wave, always making more of itself, journeying through itself, a giant puzzle to be solved by itself, fitting itself into itself, each separate energy unit opening to the ocean of the collective...letting itself blend...becoming instruments of gratitude and awe and total aliveness...bathing in love, only knowing love, refusing to depart love.

See your humanity as the sweetness and tenderness of its youth, and help it to be born again -- in wisdom rather than innocence, into the permanence of its gorgeous soul.

Every single moment is an invitation. How many do you take? You can have them all. Get who you are and never again will you suffer. If you can accept everything, your heart will pulse only love. You will become the learning for which you have been in your lifetime.

Come together to do this, now. Make each other very very happy. You can be in Paradise. All it will take is your knowledge of this.

So be it.

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