Radical Awakening Testimonials

From Dan Drasin, New Dimensions Radio (Appeared in Earth and Stars Magazine, September 1998 Issue)

The [Radical Awakening] literature caught my curiosity. It claimed that I could “wake up from the dream of false identification” in a weekend. The seminars premise -- and promise-- was that “with a Radical Awakening, Pure Awareness" could be "ever- present and stable.”

During my 25 year affiliation with New Dimensions Radio and other leading-edge organizations, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of spiritual paths and psychological approaches. None had promised quite so much in so short a time.

Although I was skeptical, upon the strong recommendation of a close friend I attended an evening presentation by Ramana, the creator and facilitator of this seminar. (Ramana was named by his teacher, Sri H.W.L Poonja, after Poonja’s own teacher, Sri Ramana Maharshi.) Soft-spoken and with a quick wit, Ramana put me at ease immediately.

Ramana says he developed his own science of enlightenment, which he calls “Radical Awakening,” based on the direct experience of Self catalyzed by his teacher, and also on his years as a practitioner of various methods of transpersonal integration, including hypnotherapy, Dianetics and Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

During the evening's presentation I witnessed several people shifting into a profound state of heightened awareness. Including myself. I booked a private Radical Awakening session with Ramana that night.

In his private sessions Ramana employs a sensitive biofeedback meter that monitors subtle changes in the body’s physiology as the subconscious moves through different states. In my own 90-minute session, Ramana's skilled use of this device was invaluable in helping me access deeper realms of Self in a remarkably short time.

Ramana took my "story" (the past and present particulars of my personal life) as a starting point. But before I knew it, I found myself moving through finer and finer states of awareness until I was led to a feeling of wholeness and completion such as I had never before experienced. The “small self” that had always taken the credit (or blame!) for everything seemed to have dropped away. The "large Self" that remained seemed vast and refined, without a beginning or end in either space or time. What a feeling!

After the session I noticed that this profound awareness was continuing to maintain itself in the background of my daily life, shifting my perspective on each "ordinary" experience. A peaceful centeredness and alert relaxation seemed to pervade all events.

In next attending Ramana’s "Radical Awakening" weekend intensive, I again witnessed him guiding individuals quickly into this same state of awareness. Ramana said that there was a “silent transmission of freedom” which had been passed from Sri Ramana Maharshi to his own teacher, Poonja-ji (affectionately known as "Papaji") and then on to himself... And that it could easily be passed from one person to another. “Waking up,” he insisted, "need take only a split second." The weekend was set up to provide a supportive environment for that, and then to help deepen and stabilize it.

In the seminar's final hours, Ramana led the participants to “enter the cave of the Heart, from where all things arise.” During this potent process we all began to understand that the awakened person lives fearlessly, surrendered to the Heart and love.

In effectively combining traditional and modern modalities, Ramana's work is clearly on the cutting edge of consciousness development in the west. After such a profound experience, I can only give him my highest endorsement for a truly amazing and innovative piece of work.

From Sohn Reynolds, November 4, 1997

It was the day of Yukio's Radical Awakening Seminar. I was very undecided about attending. Should I go to the hospital to be with my father who was dying of cancer or should I go to Yukio's seminar to spend a weekend with one of my teachers, one who had played such an instrumental role in transforming my life. My husband, Neil, really wanted me (us) to go to Yukio's. I very reluctantly said yes -- in my heart I knew that Neil was right, that we needed the weekend experience with Yukio. However, even with the decision made, I was feeling extremely anxious, more anxious than I could ever remember feeling. What if my father died and I wasn't there?

As the the day unfolded, I knew that I had made the right decision! I shared my deep anxiety with Yukio. He asked me if he could do a process with me in front of the group. I agreed. As part of the process, I discovered that I was not at peace with letting my father go. I had never felt the love and acceptance that I longed for. This is what I desperately wanted before he left this plane of existence. The process was incredibly powerful and healing. By the end of the process, I really "got" that my father and I were one and that we would always be one. I felt this unity with every fiber of my being. I felt a new sense of peace.

After the Saturday session, Neil drove me to the hospital and what transpired, I can only describe as a miracle. Dad and I were alone in his room. When he opened his eyes, he looked so deeply into mine that it seemed as though he was looking directly into my soul. It was so beautiful! He reached out with his one good arm and with unbelievable strength he pulled me close to him. He held me so tight, that I could hardly breathe. I sobbed in his arms, and he ever so gently rubbed my back. I didn't want this experience to end. I had waited for this all of my life. It was one of the most beautiful moments of this lifetime. When it did end, dad motioned for me to come closer for kisses and he stroked my face with such love and appreciation. What an evening, what a day! Total love and total acceptance. And this was just the beginning. The next two and half weeks (his last two and half weeks) were full of demonstrations of his love for my mother, my sister and myself.

I am so eternally grateful to Yukio. I am convinced that the process that Yukio did with me opened up a space in the Universe which allowed this incredible exchange of love. And the story does not end there. In meditation, I can go to that place of Oneness and unite with my father. In that space I can once again feel my dad's nurturing, loving energy and now even more deeply. What a true Radical Awakening!

Namaste', Yukio.

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