What follows is my attempt to make peace in the warring crop circle world. It could be that once the world of the crop circle followers/believers gets IT right, the whole world will shift into the consciousness of Oneness I believe the circlemakers are here to share.
-Suzanne Taylor-

TO: Andy Thomas (101476.1452@compuserve.com)
RE: Latest exchange with Peter in your magazine

Re the Peter Sorensen war, what is this horrible vituperation going back and forth between our fearless leaders? An affront to the circlemakers. And to all of humanity, for whom you are the surrogates. As you create this wall of conflict, how can the circlemakers link with us? How about not burying this current edge with "f you's," but instead make a resolve to examine the situation until the sting comes out? I feel kept out of the Kingdom by your childishness. Please let's open the slammed doors and air out the mansion.

Have put a beautiful quote of yours from this issue on my Web site.

Thanks for all the good work you do,


[Earlier email sent to Andy]

TO: Andy Thomas (101476.1452@compuserve.com)

The argumentativeness that prevails in croppy land feels unfortunate. The world could very possibly have it wrong about the circle phenomenon because the core of energy for getting it right hasn't been set. How about an ongoing exchange looking to hear one another? I can offer a switchboard for getting everyone cross-connected, via my Web site. There are people not in the croppy community who have opinions and perceptions, and this would be a place for them, too.

Can't you just picture some Master Intelligence sending the crop circles into a world which is so contentious, in the knowledge that if the croppies came into alignment they would trigger everything else? Drawing us into oneness via the croppies going first would be a trickiness worthy of our Circlemakers. How about starting with that idea for everyone's comment?

In the war that goes on in regard to the Oliver's Castle video, Michael Glickman was uninterested, when he first got back to the states last year, in taking up an offer made to him in my living room to get the video authenticated by a leading lab. The next step we were working on, if the video proved genuine, was a television special. Glickman once and for all could have put a stop to the argument -- maybe Glickman is the spy in the ointment...

[Email from Peter Sorensen in response to my communications to Andy, above.]

Peter Sorensen (peter@mightycompanions.org)

Dear Suuz,

I almost channeled this (stimulated largely by your urging re Andy Thomas):

Dear Colin [Andrews]:

We really should try to revive the positive old Circle spirit, as we discussed at dinner after our flight with Busty. I'd like to see a small seed group come together this summer, free of agendas, bonded by a sincere love of the phenomenon, sharing ideas and information freely for the benefit of the Earth. Not to be Pollyanna -- this is what it's all about, isn't it?!

The Circlemakers must be appalled by the endless bickering over territory, who did what to whom, etc. -- to say nothing of the (in the worst sense) religious arguing over which Circles are real or fake. Etc., etc.

I think there are two main causes of the negativity.

1) Doug and Dave's attack on Pat [who made a very bad call on a hoax] made everyone fearful. People became afraid to put their reputations on the line and defend specific formations. This uncertainty ravaged the innocence of the Golden Age. Most of us now feel like we're treading on eggshells.

2) The success of the first book, "Circular Evidence." Suddenly many researchers saw gold in them thar' hills. Greed reared its ugly head -- I think to some degree in everyone. Whereas previously all shared ideas and information, people became territorial. Everyone, to some degree, began to withhold information. They began to keep Circle locations to themselves and their private cliques, hoping only they would have the photographs for publication. Similarly, they kept their breakthrough ideas close to their chests, so they could dramatically reveal them in their lectures and articles.

I'm cringing as I realize that you have been accused of these very things, but I'm not pointing the finger. We have all been guilty! All!

What I am saying is that these two factors are the root of the present sad, fragmented state of the research community. To the extent that all of us also do share Circles and ideas, and still have a degree of courage, this is precisely the extent to which Circles are still fun, exciting, and spiritually rewarding.

I feel a renaissance of good spirit and co-operation is possible now. Obviously there are those who might never participate (I suspect there are many who actually thrive on the fighting and fear). But there are many who realize how far from the Truth we have strayed, and would be willing to bury the hatchet in order to return to the original Quest.

Starting small, let's contact a few who have their hearts in the right place and get together early this summer to see what might happen. The ripple effect of a positive new attitude among us could not only revive the Golden Age, but could well expand the world's interest in the Circles by millions of people. Don't you thing the subliminal odor of the Crop Circle community is a major hindrance to larger acceptance? Think of the sweet possibilities!

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