A cyberspace memorial to Lex Hixon

"Lex Hixon was a pioneer in the spiritual renaisssance in America over the last four decades."
Allen Ginsberg

"We are not waiting, with hope or with fear, for some future
evolution, of humanity or progress of history, for we know
without doubt that the essential completeness, or freedom,
longed for by all conscious beings, always exists here and
now. Regardless of perceived suffering, there is spiritual
plentitude right before our eyes, not only for some elite
but for the people as a whole, for conscious life as a whole."

LEX HIXON (1942-1995)

Listen to Lex in conversation with Georgia Lambert in the Mighty Companions living room in 1992:
A Conversation About True Power

"What you are doing with Mighty Companions is wonderful! Lex Hixon's work
is central to my teaching at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, how lovely
that you were able to work with him!"
Ruth Cox, Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Lex is mentioned on the following broadcasts of Suzanne Taylor's WebRadio show, Making Sense of These Times:

Split Mind and Whole Mind
Favorite Dreams for the New Millennium
Sisterly Schmoozing About Women and Courage
Who Am I? Tacking with Poonja-ji

Mighty Companions interviews Lex

Vedantic Light, written by Lex

Lex leads a discussion about Non-Dual Awareness

Lex participates in the Mighty Companions Herringbone Project

Lex's reflections on the Herringbone Project

If you would like to offer your perspectives on the work of Lex Hixon, or reflections regarding non-dual awareness, please post your comments on our Feedback Form. We post a running commentary on our Bulletin Board and welcome your continuing interest in our Web site.

I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful tribute. Lex was, and still is,
a great insiration in my life. He remains, even in his passing from this
world, a powerful guide.
Anni Paisley (paisleywitch@hotmail.com)

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