…thinking always came because he was trying to form this open circle into a group-mind (at his own admission). A group-mind is a wonderful experiment to be carried out in his esoteric context of friends, but it definitely implies exclusion - an inside and an outside, whereas a circle of enlightening friendship is something inclusive in nature. We should continue to work together on the model of our circle - yes, I eventually see a book - and give it away to the modern world as one of the several solutions to the fragmentation of modernity and the growing pluralism of culture. We should not "enshrine" any particular language. Beautiful and powerful as it is, John's "God" and "God's Will," though respected by other members of the circle, cannot become the spiritual native language of everyone in the circle. My "non-dual celebration," which was an attempt to do an "end-run" around the problem of religion and religious language, can certainly not appeal to everyone in the circle. To those without background in Hindu and Buddhist ways of thinking, "nonduality" might sound just like strange jargon. Which leads me to believe that our circle is not fundamentally based in language at all. A rather wonderful part of its mysterious nature! There's a lot of "languaging" (a term which I thought was silly when I first heard it from you, Suzanne, in your hyper-modern L.A. mode, but which now seems strangely appropriate), but no single, official language. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to communicate across personal, cultural and religious borders. But eventually we must dissolve those borders. I don't think this can be done through "languaging." I greatly…


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