Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

August 3, 1998

There is a fundamental pattern to the universe that it behooves humanity to get straight about now. You can find it in sacred teachings of the mystics and sages of the ages. We have talked about it as the web in which we find ourselves. However, this has largely remained talk. The next step is realization.

We need to move our consciousness inside. From the outside, duality prevails. Inside is the "do it" that happens when we "be it." On the inside is the whole landscape of emptiness. Let's fess up that it is there, and not pray to find it elsewhere anymore. We must get the right story to take the right action, which is to drop all the blinders that keep us thinking we are not "it."

We can pray and supplicate and worship, but that will not let us become what we are searching for. The light must dawn that we are already that, and it is our responsibility, let alone our joy, to live with that knowledge. Once we stop looking for ourselves, we can focus on expressing ourselves. It is a next phase of human beingness.

So where to from here? Let those who resonate with this talk back. Let's try to get this transformation accomplished now.

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