Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

August 17, 1998

What a day. Clinton is testifying. It's also the day I'd invited the six non-duality teachers, at this historic moment when all of them are in Los Angeles, to come together. There was one happy acceptance, two curt nos, two no-answers, and one date to meet me later. There's also the first big story, which is column-left of the front page of today's L.A.TIMES, opposite column-right about Clinton, on the industrialization-induced Armageddon we are headed for with Y2K. Anyone who hasn't heard the bad news about Y2K yet, be assured you're going to find out soon -- you can see it slowly seeping into our awareness, too startling to swallow in one gulp. Like the crop circles, Y2K just cannot be.

In my movie, there is a ground that all this figure is running in, with all the crash-banging driving me inward to this empty place. It is dawning on me for the umpteenth time how starkly absolute that place is. It is beyond where many go, despite life-long efforts to get there. The starkness of the truth is that any effort keeps you out of it. You just have to get what IS, and then you lead your life with that knowledge. It is that simple. And that revolutionary. All the middlemen and all the techniques are keeping the structure of not-being IT in place. Every holy person we bow to assures our exile from the Kingdom. It is a big all-or-nothing as far as "getting it" is concerned.

Let me bring in reinforcements. Here's some stuff said by Poonjaji. Listen to the message without bowing to the messenger -- and know that this is revolutionary stuff!!!

"To be free, you need the firm conviction that you are this substratum, this peace, this emptiness. You are what all happenings happen in."

"...if the desire for freedom is continuous, then all other habits and distractions will drop away."

"The Truth does not move; there is no coming or going. The stirring thought "I" creates an entire Universe. But the Truth does not move."

"But if you say from the ego point of view, "I am doing," you are taking yourself to be the individual movement, the wave! You reinforce this by creating an object and generating some interest in it, and then having desire for it, and instantly you even want some reward for having it...As soon as you possess it you have fear of losing it because where there are two there is always fear of separation. Where fear arises, anger arises. With anger there is confusion, lack of understanding, and lack of discrimination. When you cannot decide things properly it is total destruction."

"Method is an impediment to love, a postponement of freedom, and an insult to peace. Use no method, simply identify as That."

"There is no attainment and no cultivation of original nature. You are consciousness, not a farmer!"

"Trying to get out of superimposed bondage, which is the notion that you are separate from existence, you will land in superimposed freedom."

"Even while active remain in silence as silence and be conscious of silence always...Train your mind to go to silence by directing your mind toward its source. Mind directed toward objects of senses is suffering. The same mind must investigate its source; the I must face its source...this is satsang, this is home, the holy company of the Self. The most holy association is to BE AS YOU ARE. This is freedom. This is beyond imagination, very new and very fresh. So just keep quiet. Do not think. IT is you. IT is you. Don't stir a thought, and even if a thought comes, let it; don't waver, don't doubt your majesty. It is so simple...It is effortless. Effort is to disturb your mind; effort is playing with corpses in the graveyard. Just contemplate that which is always silence. Go to the source. Do not believe anything, simply stay quiet and return home and do not rest until you are there. Peace is only available when there is no I, and you need an I to do practice."

"The secret to Bliss is to STOP the search, STOP thinking, STOP not thinking, and keep quiet...If you want to do anything, just always adore the Self."

"Don't just read the menu; eat the food! Defeat the stupid mind!"

"Out of nothing you can do anything and not leave footprints."

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