Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

September 19, 1998

For all the repulsion and disappointment we feel over Clinton, there is a mitigating factor: we are having a participatory conversation involving every single person in America. This is very good for a democracy. Nothing but high drama would get us engaged like this, so a comforting balance to outrage is the understanding of the usefulness of the situation. Rather than grieve for what is destroying America's image, let's see the bigger perspective, where this is helping us evolve as what we are destined to be. Humanity is on a long journey of learning itself. We no longer engage in slavery as an acceptable practice. In my lifetime, the whistle has been blown on women's subjugation. We need work now on becoming a One Life, where we live from compassion rather than greed. We can do that work in this public engagement, hammering out new understandings about who we are and what we are to do. Bearing in mind that the truth shall set us free, and that every cloud has a silver lining, let's appreciate this drama that's unfolding for the good that can come of it.

Here's a letter I wrote to Clinton and sent out to my mailing list:

Dear President Clinton,

There is one way out of your current nightmare. It will not happen in the political war zone -- as Einstein said, you don't solve problems at the level at which they are created.

The level beyond where you are mired is spiritual. Picture yourself being Christ or Buddha. They probably had pasts in which there were indiscretions, but no one cared once they were blazing with light. Don't see this as impossible. Perhaps it is not even far fetched. Look around you at the spiritual revolution taking place. It is at heart about direct contact with the Divine. Remember, Jesus said those who followed would be greater.

What could happen is that you get a masterful guide -- or several -- to "take you" to your Self. Over the last year I've been helping launch someone who does that brilliantly. He is Yukio Ramana. His email address is There are other guides, but his technology for "Radical Awakening" is the best I've ever seen. In one private session, people can make a fundamental shift. Given the state you are in, a break-through could be awesome. The darkest adversity is the climate in which there can be a quantum change.

I hope whoever screens this will take it seriously. I am very serious. I am leaving tomorrow to make a speech in Italy about "the future of the New Age." I pray that this email catalyzes you into being an invaluable part of that future. Should this unfold as it could, not only would you "wake up," but a giant wave of awakening could ripple through all of humanity!

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