Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

November 18, 1998

The uproar about Kenneth Starr fits into our dualistic paradigm, in which good calls up evil in knee-jerk fashion. How else to explain such a widely prevailing sentiment in which Starr being the villain lets Clinton off the hook? Clinton is exposed, irrespective of who pulled the curtain. Whatever we think of Starr, nailing the guy who raised the lid doesn't deal with what has spilled out of Pandora's box.

On the question of impeachment, we are in a troublesome dichotomy. If it is judged that Clinton didn't go far enough to be impeached, we will miss dealing with the cost to us of his continuing to lead. Though we can point to previous presidents who were transgressors, their clandestine deeds were unknown to humanity during their tenures. With everyone in the know about Clinton, where we are being led by someone who is an object of scorn and ridicule, a collective shame subsumes the spirit of high-mindedness that the United States has upheld for the world.

These consequences, however, may become moot when the year 2,000 hits. An unnamed source recently pictured Y2K as "the only simultaneous, global, infrastructure-disrupting event humanity has ever known." As the L.A. Weekly put it, it could be "an extinction event."

This grave challenge, however, has an up-side, where preparing for what could be very bad could be very good. If we look at how to pull together, bracing ourselves as best as we can for the worst, and Y2K turns out to be less than annihilating, we will have made great gains in our capacity to relate as One. Since the reaction to news of Y2K started out as debate about whether it was going to be very bad or not -- a dualistic argument that goes nowhere -- it is good news that people are being creative now about what could lie ahead. Joining for mutual good is the hope of the world, and Y2K could be our deliverance.

Along the lines of preparing ourselves, bearing in mind that a big city could become a dangerous place, I'm looking at one of my long standing dreams for some mighty companions to go to the country and establish a retreat space. If and when civilization marched on, we'd have a place for forward-thinkers to convene. In a small world which possesses mega powers of destruction, it's crazy not to hold non-political council. We need an arena for evolved people to look beyond a good guys/bad guys mentality at the single system the world has become. What would such a forum advise about Clinton? How would it suggest dealing with Y2K? Anybody want to head for the hills?

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