Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

December 21, 1997

It should be a law that everyone has to watch CBS Sunday Morning. No matter how uninterested I think I am in what the subjects are, I enjoy every segment, and I've never seen a show where at least one piece hasn't made me cry. With Charles Kuralt having passed the mantle of production and performance to Charles Osgood, blessings on a universe that could find a replacement for perfection.

There is nothing on television like this presentation of bits and pieces of Americana. As mystics have kept the sacred knowledge alive through the ages, this is a modern through-line for the good and the loving. To think that this show creeps in on Sunday, at 7:30 a.m., when most citizens are asleep! At a better hour, we could all cluster round, like when we sat at the radio for Roosevelt's fireside chats. It's family church -- a way for the alienating tube to bring us together. Have a look. Can we make this program a national pastime? Maybe we can start a campaign.

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