Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

December 20, 1997

I bent spoons a couple of weeks ago. Anybody can. I showed Kim's kids how. They've got their 10 and 12 year old buddies doing it. My friend Joyce I told over the phone, and she's doing it. It's a vibrational universe. Energy is streaming.

Something I thought about after spoon-bending is how much we can affect one another. Some very clear and centered people affect me radically; my energy shifts when I'm around them. Lex Hixon, to whom I am indebted, used to get to me this way -- I always lost outer focus and dropped into a softer and deeper place, heart to heart, when he called or walked in the door. Since his departure from this plane, I've kept him in mind's eye to lift me still. We leapfrog over good role models into ourselves.

And we are leaping now. I just got wind that someone I haven't seen for awhile has awakened and has students. Says Michael Clegg, now Satyam Nadeen, "The big surprise comes from the fact that all it takes for you to wake up is possibly to hear a simple truth intuitively with your whole being that I will share with you. When I heard it, I woke up. When the awakened one, who relayed it to me through his book, heard it from his teacher, he woke up, and the teacher before him, and so on. Now I know that I am going way out on a limb by announcing that I've had a wake-up call and that it is definitely available without effort, without spiritual disciplines, and is in the fine tradition of American fast foods -- available right now!"

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