Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

December 18, 1997

While scheming about how to host an active engagement, we get reactions, in this Web world where anyone can peek in, like this one from George Snoddy. Reminds me of the adage that Life is what happens while you're making other plans...

FROM: George Snoddy,

I just read Inside the Intelligence, your piece about inner mapping. It was for me one of those writings that you did not want to end. Your wonderful way of expressing the innermost desires of so many people was so encouraging. I am in communication with a circle of Email friends that seem to have the same mindset as you do. Speaking for myself I have never read anything that so mirrored my own mind. Thank you.

I am reading your social commentary also and look forward to your next entry. I agree with you that we are now involved in the paradigm shift in consciousness. I cannot express myself as elegantly as you do but I will do the best I can. I have been watching the crop circles for the past few months and, like you, I am amazed at how they are largely being ignored. I think the circles are the most amazing thing that has happened on this planet since Christ was here.

I am searching and constantly trying to break out of my box and to become what I instinctively know I am. I am looking for my next adventure. I refuse to roll over and play dead to this insane society we live in. I want to "make connections" with like minded individuals like yourself and together who knows what we can do.

God knows this world needs changing!

Here's to going super nova in the Spirit. God bless you and thank you for being there just the way you are.

God bless you, George. As we recognize one another, we are the transformed world.

Since Diana's death, it has felt like play is escalating in a field of the absolute. Here's what I sent out locally in November:

I see the understanding that has been the province of saints and gurus becoming generally accessible now. It is a ground of being in a "place that passeth all understanding," where we handle ordinary reality from a perspective outside of duality. Becoming seated in the emptiness that holds all fullness is the new turn of the evolutionary spiral.

To guide us in making this shift, I am very high on Yukio Ramana. His teacher, Poonjaji, was Ramana Maharshi's disciple. Poonjaji was the last guru in a lineage that is the most sophisticated body of Eastern spiritual thought, where self-inquiry discovers the God within. During the few years before he died (the same day as Mother Theresa), Poonjaji sent several of his students out to teach. It is as if we are standing on the shoulders of those who sat at the feet of the guru. We are a learning species, growing from absorbing one another in a universe of consciousness -- witness four- minute miles being ordinary now. The idea which has recently broken through is that we can come all the way awake, in a total shift of identity and understanding, and that we can be in an awakened circle together.

Yukio is adept at traversing inner space. (He's a medical hypnotherapist and the author of training manuals for transpersonal psychotherapy.) He calls his workshop "Radical Awakening," and says you'll never have to take another seminar to discover your Self. Not only does he tune people into primal awareness, but, in a grand democratization, he teaches them to tune others in. At the dynamic meeting of heaven and earth, in the freedom we have sought, we are in fertile ground for our engagement as mighty companions.

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