Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

September, 22, 1997

Reading Robert Scheer in his September 16 L.A. Times column, 'Can't Anyone Slow the B-2 Juggernaut?,' and, as always, feeling a total concordance with his outrage at such commonplace abuses of power, I got an idea. In the wake of Diana, it occurred to me that maybe humanity could take things besides the papparazzi into its own hands. LET'S SAY NO, was the slogan that came to me -- no to stealth bombers and the like. With all the needs we have -- from balancing the budget, to eliminating poverty, to curing diseases -- likely able to be alleviated by what's wasted under our noses, how about uniting to say no to these perpetrations? The English monarchy has to change now, based on public pressure. How about the hierarchy that strangles our democracy being forced to adjust now, too?

Can we promote the slogan, LET'S SAY NO? Do you get any sense, as I do, that it could catch on and snowball -- a "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" sort of thing?

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