Suzanne's Take: A Social Commentary

September 7, 1997

There is nothing like the sweep of history. Whatever any single being or single advocacy can impose by intention on the minds of men and women, there is nothing to rival what some unforeseen happenstance produces, be it nature's force or a human-made conflagration. And at these times, given technology, we have worldwide conversations. Everyone hears what everyone else has to say.

So it goes with the death of the people's princess, perhaps the turning point event of this paradigm shift from separation to oneness, where we will not permit the atrocities which create wars, starvation, homelessness and all the ills of indifference.

The worldwide outpouring wasn't because Diana was the greatest saint of our time. However, she stood for what obviously now is at the forefront of the human heart. As each of us is caught in the workings of a system evolved for other ends, we now see how much receptivity there is for change. The cat is out of the bag. It turns out those 44 million Americans "tuned in" to new ideas -- a startling 24% of us, as per a much cited 1994 survey -- aren't the half of it. There is a broad-based good-heartedness that we would not expect our cynical age to possess.

Although we are caught in mechanisms designed to rule another world, I believe we are stamped and imprinted now with what we can be. That is a giant step to becoming that.

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