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Richard Perrott (rperrott@access.victoria.bc.ca)

I was very touched with the sentiments you are sharing [Seeds of a New Understanding]. In recognizing a divine power, which you are not afraid to refer to by the three letter word, GOD, you are recognizing the infinite difference between our own humble powers and the greatness of the divine and of his other creations. Yes, we certainly are not alone. This is so despite those who only operate in the "here and now" world, who demand scientific evidence, which they will only accept if it suits their power structure, and scorn the mysteries of life, which are really far more of a challenge than the manipulations of the corporate world and the stock exchange. Mysteries, such as the crop circles are a wonderful challenge for us to explore. And even if we never get to the bottom of that particular mystery, what fun, what a challenge to try and meet!

Thank you too, Suzanne, for the quotation from Christopher Fry. So apt, so challenging, so demanding in calling us to awaken from the complacency that bedevils so much of modern society.

Tom Hickey (TomH59@aol.com)

Glad to have your musing on the crop cirlces and the beautiful poetry [Seeds of a New Understanding]. While I can appreciate all the excitement about "contact," my masters have revealed that there are many other planets in the Universe with life on them and even some with human life. They also emphasized that Earth is at present the only place that one can unfold the full potential of human awareness in God-Realization. Even though human life on some other planets is more intelligent intellectually than we are, they are not capable of the level of love we can develop here. Full God-Realization requires 100% love in order to unite the lower self with the Higher Self, overcome duality, and gain Unity. According to the teaching I received, every human being on Earth has what they need to do this within themselves, and the Perfect Masters and Avatars are there to help us out if we sincerely ask. (Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive, knock and it will be opened unto you.) So, yes, I agree, "alignment" is what is needed. The lower self must align itself perfectly with the Higher Self, and this is the outcome of the spiritual practice undertaken by the lower self, together with grace from the Higher Self.

Will Rogers (regenerati@aol.com)

Thanks for the "Crop Circle Valentines." It was a powerful evening whose effects have been quite profound. I feel the evening has either heightened my awareness of synchronicity or been part of quickening the occurrences. The article you wrote talked about this "connectedness" that observing the formations brings. I must say that this feeling has been present in me since that night - also there seems to be more fascination with "everyday" living and an abundance of Energy. I know this is from the circles and the sense of "Galactic Wholeness" they bring! Thanks again for allowing your wonderful space to be a facilitator for these events and important energy coming through.

This is is very thrilling to me. Just look at how we can affect one another. That we can grow this connection. And that the crop circles somehow contain the imprint of it, as a pattern awaiting discovery. How incredibly short- sighted most of humanity is not to be soaking the circle energy in. The faster, the better, and I am greatly encouraged about how much little me can speed the process. Little all-of-us...

Nix Picasso (nix@dprogram.demon.co.uk)

Wow! I love your site!

My partner Steve and I stood in a newly formed crop circle outside Avebury in Wiltshire a couple of years ago with an irrepressible sense of excitement. There is something wonderful about hearing how these phenomena have affected people in LA!...You guys are clearly on the wavelength (a lovely thought, as my experiences in LA in the past, working on a hard-rock video project, were anything but spiritually uplifting!) Are we part of the *post-cynical* tendency? Is it catching on?

Marilyn Ferguson said, "Cynics know the answers without having penetrated deeply enough to know the questions."

Steve Diamond (ommm7@rain.org)

I'm also a student of the crop circles, have been for a number of years, and believe we're on the threshold of something wonderful...and it's related to "One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000!" Which is to say, I believe the space brothers and sisters are waiting to see if we can get it together down here on earth to recognize our oneness and commonality as humans, one human family, before they present themselves to us. We'll see.

Martin Keitel (martin@sip.fi)
Finland's Center Of Circles Information

I just came back yesterday from a four week trip to Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, England). I also visited a few Crop Circles - for the first time in my life!

I was a bit dissappointed with some things. I didn't encounter any "bending nodes", any "electro-magnetic anomalies", any "feelings of strange energy"... I DID find seedhead alignment, but I also was able to produce this by simply stomping the crop myself! Nevertheless, I'm not saying that I have begun to believe that all the Circles are man-made after all. And actually, even the man-made formations might be "genuine"!

I was also very sad to find out how the Circles have divided people (especially "researchers") into groups that don't want to have anything to do with each other because they have differing opinions. These kinds of intolerance and narrow-mindness don't feel right if we are to believe that the Circle Makers - who ever they might be - wish to lift our spiritual consciousness...

For me personally the greatest thing seemed to be that the Circles took me to Avebury and Glastonbury, for it was only there that I felt something... Perhaps the purpose of the Crop Circles is to invite people to see and experience the energies stored in the stone circles and other ancient constructions in south England!

How are things going with the Search for Earth Intelligence? I agree that spreading information about the Circles and their spiritual message is the most important thing to do. I will continue doing that, but I will also expand my "message" beyond this phenomenon - for it is my belief that the Circles themselves are "just" the beginning of something much bigger.

The Crop Circles are a magnificent thing since they give inspiration to look at the world and the universe from a different angle - whether they are made by people, aliens, spirits or natural intelligence. It is this wider perspective and the universal awareness that I want to share with others now. Some big changes are happening on this planet and there are probably some quite bad things coming in the future. We must stretch our minds to break the boundaries of our "safe" physical surroundings, to realize that whatever happens in our concrete environment, there's always a lot more... somewhere out there. Unfortunately I'm currently totally out of money and I am forced to direct my energy to find a job that pays. However, I'll try to find time for the work that is far more important than money. Good luck and keep in touch! Thanks for your lovely feedback about my site :-)

I was so grateful for your communication. I am hungry for interactivity, where questions are being posed and impressions are being given. I feel very isolated here, producer of crop circle events as I am. The circle is the form we need to be in...for everything. I understand that you are not taking on a full-time job as host, Martin, but just that you are acting as a kind of flagpole that we could rally round is a contribution. So, many many many thanks for your great work, to be tracking the phenomenon with such elegance that you are to be reckoned with as a voice. You have laid a magnificent groundwork that we can build a structure on. I will be very happy to play a responsible part in this. How can we best engage? We can use this to model a prototype, where a "small group of thoughtful, committed citizens" comes into enough alignment to move the world. Are we at a stage where we can mindfully will such things into being? Is it time for that now? This is the work I focus on with Mighty Companions, my non-profit shell for what is more like a salon than a corporate board room...but intends to make as much noise.

Re your comments about your crop circle visits, all of us who know, know. Of course humans aren't making these. My observation is that engaging in the speculation about whether they are real or not is the wrong conversation -- just what our gossipy society likes to dwell on, instead of on the majesty of life. Let's just hang out in majesty to see what that's all about and what we should do.

It IS astonishing that the parties most deeply involved are at war. They are drawn to the magic, but don't get it. George Wingfield I chased out of my house after he wouldn't stop dwelling on conspiracies. Michael Glickman has great information, but is self-absorbed, with much energy spent in scathing complaint about the others. Peter Sorensen, however, is a love -- a very dedicated servant. These are some first-hand observations about the disappointing reality. However, doubting the Circle Makers is another thing. Why would they be responsible for the fall-out from their creations? The scenario I see is that we are in the human condition, only now we have some pretty hot material to work with. Let's hope the vibration of wholeness that the circles emanate can be the source of an arising of a force of the light -- like us. I suggest that idea for our exchanges.

Simon Peter Fuller (106160,235@compuserve.com)

Off to see the latest Circle on Milk Hill today - probably the grand finale for this season - it was shown in full colour in the mainstream press and came in last week. Peter Sorensen is supplying me with his graphics again as soon as they are available - I sold over 300 sets on my last tour and paid him his annual commission - good arrangement thanks to your introduction to him and ensures through the Wholistic World Vision network that we get these images OUT without hassle and personality overlay.

TO: Freddy Silva (lovely@clara.net)

Just read your long piece about the different circles and the rich interplay of meaning. Yes, yes, yes, and then some. Don't you think it's all this gush of meaningfulness, each single dynamic a jewel of a world, all adding up to the infinite meaningfulness of the one life that we are enmeshed in, yet so blind to? Layer after layer of meaningfulness eventually will fold everyone in...if we haven't been taken out before that. Don't you think?

Freddy Silva (lovely@clara.net)

Yes, each design is embedded with layers of meaning and each appears to hit on someone depending on their particular bent. That's been our experience with reports from individuals. Some crop circles just seem to pull in certain people at certain times. And what's reassuring is that they seem to be very protective of those people once they have decided to join in the search for their use. It just gets more interesting by the day.
Martin Keitel (martin@sip.fi)
Finland's Center of Circles Information

I appreciate your words. But sincerely, I think I'm just scratching the surface of this phenomenon. Since I get no money for studying the Circles or updating my site, I can't really throw my self in it completely. Actually I don't think I have offered much new stuff, I'm just presenting it in a new way. But I'm pleased to notice that this way is effective. I have had such a lot of wonderful feedback.

I just don't know if people can reach this "alignment" with the help of the Internet. Personally I'm not yet ready to move the world; I have to "move" myself first. :-)

On a rational level I'm quite convinced that all the Circles are not made by people. But deep inside, I really DON'T KNOW - and I won't until I have a personal experience that convinces me. The Circles that I visited didn't give me this experience.

I think conversations about this are important. It is our obligation to seek for ultimate proof about the genuineness of the Circles. Because we must face the fact that most people in the world either don't know anything about them, or think they are all made by people. But who knows; maybe the Circles are only there for people that want to know...

Of course, according to the information there is in the net, we have the evidence. But I haven't seen it personally. And I have learned not to trust information in the net. That's a big problem: when somebody finds evidence, how to present it to the people in a way that can be trusted? There are people that claim to know the truth about the Circles, because they FEEL it's that way. But yet, there are many "truths" that are completely different. In that light, I'm certainly not encouraged to trust my feelings (and it is really sad) but to look for hard objective evidence.

Anyway, at the same time I am able to enjoy the majesty too! :-)

I met Glickman in Glastonbury. The first thing he did when I presented myself was to start yelling to me about my analysis of the Oliver's Castle video - even before saying something like "hello" or "pleased to meet you"... I am not too eager to have another conversation with him, I must confess.

Your thoughts in Seeds of A New Understanding align pretty well with my ideas. What you have written at least FEELS nice. I like to think that the Crop Circles' primary function is to awaken our higher awareness that has been long lost. They are hints for us to remember our "divine" origin. I oppose any religions and philosophies teaching us to be so humble and fearful and grateful in front of the almighty God - or the almighty aliens, as some groups of people say today.

We are all the dream of God and, like all characters in my dream are me, all the characters in God's dream are God. As in the dream, I don't remember my higher consciousness; neither do I when I'm awake. But something in my dream can make me lucid -- a symbol coming from the higher existence, something to remind me that this is a dream...

And then anything is possible.

It's nice hearing your thoughts. Don't you think something valuable happens as we meet like this? What I notice about the Internet is that when people come from their hearts -- or from timeless awareness in spiritual lingo -- there is a recognition that takes place. It's like we by-pass that layer of persona and personality we usually lead with, which needs to be penetrated before we connect. I think this interconnection is the new paradigm in formation.

Read what Freddy Silva has on The Crop Circular, which I think is the best site following the phenomenon. He has a telling rap about Milk Hill on his page of the "1997 Crop Circles: England" (click on the Milk Hill icon).

Diahann Krishna (dhkrishna@paradigmshift.com)

I moved to England in 1996 to experience more closely the [crop circle] phenomenon. Have been amazed at the complexity and magic of the circles, but disillusioned at the disorganization and ego trips surrounding the "researchers". Not as much actual research being done and no concerted effort between groups. But, the good news is the Internet is making them much more widely known and getting the information out (including reports of newest formations) that could not be done in the past. Amazing that the best place to find out about the crop circles is now online!

I've produced a fair share of crop circle programs with some of the troublesome human beings who have been attracted to this energy... Funny how this rag tag bunch juxtaposes to the most exciting thing that has ever happened in recorded history. The Circle Makers must be amused -- surely if they wanted this phenomenon to be carefully handled they would have worked this out. Must all be part of the dawning-awareness-is-better-than-hitting-them-over-the-head school. Thanks for signaling back.

Diahann Krishna (dhkrishna@paradigmshift.com)

Your poignant analysis of croppies had me laughing out loud! Yes, it's quite an unique assortment of personalities, whom I've become familiar with, too, from this end.

I spent last summer (1996) running all over creation visiting formations & doing surveys. Created the web page in order to educate people on the wide range of the phenomenon and give info to those who can't make it over here each year. This past summer was a bit more selfish, as I found the data from the year previous didn't get used. I chose only a few formations to visit that I felt a pull towards. Have had some "strong connections" to a handful this year & last that assure me there is lots going on in the fields each summer. But, I stay in the background putting together my own picture of things that I'm reluctant to openly discuss until I know the audience. Then again, a lot of what I've learned is going into a workshop I'm starting this month on teaching the merkaba meditation & concept. I feel that there is a direct relationship between this "vehicle of light", spheres of light, and crop circles. One lesson I've learned from this phenomenon is that it's All there... we can see what we want to see.

I enjoyed your article, Seeds of a New Understanding. The Marianne Williamson quote is excellent and really says it all...

Martin Keitel(martin@sip.fi)
Finland's Center of Circles Information

Yes, it is true what you say about "bypassing". In real life communication we are always restricted by many kinds of behavioral rules and traditions that prevent us from getting really through to each other. Unfortunately, this special feature of Internet communication also has its negative side, which is very apparent in the newsgroups; total strangers are attacking each other in a manner that sometimes is simply astounding.

George Snoddy (gsnoddy@mrmicro.net)

I have been watching the crop circles for the past few months and like you I am amazed at how they are largely being ignored. I think the circles are the most amazing thing that has happened on this planet since Christ was here.

I still am amazed that we don't see more coverage about this aren't you? I think perhaps people are afraid to look at what they can't control or understand.

Peter Sorensen (peter@mightycompanions.org)

Dear Suuz,

I almost channeled this (stimulated largely by your urging re Andy Thomas):

Dear Colin [Andrews]:

We really should try to revive the positive old Circle spirit, as we discussed at dinner after our flight with Busty. I'd like to see a small seed group come together this summer, free of agendas, bonded by a sincere love of the phenomenon, sharing ideas and information freely for the benefit of the Earth. Not to be Pollyanna -- this is what it's all about, isn't it?!

The Circlemakers must be appalled by the endless bickering over territory, who did what to whom, etc. -- to say nothing of the (in the worst sense) religious arguing over which Circles are real or fake. Etc., etc.

I think there are two main causes of the negativity.

1) Doug and Dave's attack on Pat [who made a very bad call on a hoax] made everyone fearful. People became afraid to put their reputations on the line and defend specific formations. This uncertainty ravaged the innocence of the Golden Age. Most of us now feel like we're treading on eggshells.

2) The success of the first book, "Circular Evidence." Suddenly many researchers saw gold in them thar' hills. Greed reared its ugly head -- I think to some degree in everyone. Whereas previously all shared ideas and information, people became territorial. Everyone, to some degree, began to withhold information. They began to keep Circle locations to themselves and their private cliques, hoping only they would have the photographs for publication. Similarly, they kept their breakthrough ideas close to their chests, so they could dramatically reveal them in their lectures and articles.

I'm cringing as I realize that you have been accused of these very things, but I'm not pointing the finger. We have all been guilty! All!

What I am saying is that these two factors are the root of the present sad, fragmented state of the research community. To the extent that all of us also do share Circles and ideas, and still have a degree of courage, this is precisely the extent to which Circles are still fun, exciting, and spiritually rewarding.

I feel a renaissance of good spirit and co-operation is possible now. Obviously there are those who might never participate (I suspect there are many who actually thrive on the fighting and fear). But there are many who realize how far from the Truth we have strayed, and would be willing to bury the hatchet in order to return to the original Quest.

Starting small, let's contact a few who have their hearts in the right place and get together early this summer to see what might happen. The ripple effect of a positive new attitude among us could not only revive the Golden Age, but could well expand the world's interest in the Circles by millions of people. Don't you thing the subliminal odor of the Crop Circle community is a major hindrance to larger acceptance? Think of the sweet possibilities!

Martin Keitel (martin@sip.fi)
Finland's Center Of Circles Information

Some very simple thoughts about CC:s:

Line is the basic 1-dimensional shape.

Circle (perfectly symmetrical) and equilateral triangle (most symmetrical and simple polygon) are the basic 2-dimensional shapes.

Sphere and tetrahedron are the basic 3-dimensional shapes.

With these 5 elements all information in the universe can be communicated.

Arranging these shapes according to simple formulas and then "painting" the segments according to another simple formula you can create various harmonic patterns that have extremely little "input" data, but a vast amount of "output" data - what a magnificent file compression system!

Assuming an entity has a power to create energy in the form of heat and air currents, it needs a canvas suitable for these energies. On the surface of Earth, what better canvas is there than fields of crop, hay and grass?

Why would it send this information to beings that can't "uncompress" the data? Possible answers:

1. It is not sending the information to us people, but to other entities or Earth itself (or Earth is sending it to cosmos).

2. The "entity" is certain people (operating from space or higher atmosphere) and the information is aimed at certain people who know how to decipher the code.

3. We do have the capability to understand the information, but on a subconscious or spiritual level (where we speak the "language of light").

4. We are supposed to get interested and learn the code.

I think all of these choices are possible but I'd go mainly for 3. What's your choice?

Re why we are getting crop circles, thinking of all the different reality grids imbedded in them, from sacred symbols to music to geometry to craft-design and more, I believe that they are signals to us that we are being perceived and understood by another designing intelligence in the universe. The circlemakers keep us absorbed by providing many things that are analyzable, but reductionism cannot give us the sum of its parts. The big story is that something non-human that can calculate and decide knows us, and can manipulate matter. It is a trans-dimensional phenomenon, and dealing with it as such can bring us into a much needed next phase of perception about the universe and our place in it.

As we look to the whole of what's going on, and are receptive in a realm beyond the mind, it is plausible to me that the circlemakers will penetrate more. Blessings on Peter Sorensen, who this season has called for peace among the researchers -- no smooth landing field for our circlemakers there now.

Martin, I'd appreciate your spreading the word that this bulletin board is a place to compare notes and address the alignment in consciousness that might encourage contact. Thanks for the great work you are doing.

Irene Groeneveld (groendek@zap.A2000.nl)

A hello from Amsterdam!

Your way of using the circles on the background reminded me of tribal rock art of the aborigine people. I like it!

Karen Lyster (zblue@ihug.co.nz)

Just wish to say you have a wonderful and informative site. I study crop circles as well and all things connected with UFO's etc.

David Floyd (dantien@worldnet.att.net)

I checked out your Website, and it provided the impetus for viewing a video I had called "Crop Circle Communique" with my new wife and her 11 and 13 year old daughters. The kids were fascinated, and we ended up going back to some of the links at your site, including Peter Sorensen's. Thanks. My wife thinks your site is very well-designed and has great content.

I'm ooing back to your ahing about the crop circles. Talk about denial. How unfathomably dense we are to ignore such readily observable signals from another dimension. I keep thinking that this could give us the wake-up before it's too late. We are so imploded, but recognizing we are not alone could pull the rug out from the arrogance that keeps our aggressive, separation- producing reality in place.

Let's figure something out!!!

James Pasko

I, too, enjoy all of those wonderful designs that these crop circles display. It is a wonderful universe that we live in and those crop circles are definitely portents of things to come. When I read the Book of Revelation, I marvel at what is going to happen in these last days. Society is bent on destroying itself and history has shown that, thousands of times. Yes, there will be 7 years of Great Trials and Tribulations, but the Rapture will remove us from this earth, before God pours out His judgement upon mankind. May we all bring peace and make peace. Let us all love one another.
You are a character. God love you. I'm not Christian, so the Rapture isn't what I see. People see through parallel lenses. I like what the Dalai Lama says about not wanting to convert anyone to Buddhism, but encouraging each to remain in their own metaphor.

I like your declarations, which I discovered today, about crop circles. The extra miracle is our not recognizing or wanting to see their existence.

You might find my own recent contribution to the international effort to understand and tune into these beautiful circles interesting. I've been working on this for some time now. It's just been "launched" at www.geocities.com/jonah105/corner.html

I'm writing to those whom I think have done some good web-work on the circles because I want to be part of the group effort to bring the gifts of these circles deeper into human awareness.
"I want to be part of the group effort to bring the gifts of these circles deeper into human awareness." I totally support this. How beautifully expressed it is. I never stop thinking about bringing the circle phenomenon mainstream. I'd love to compare notes about introducing the circles to the world.

In the meantime, perhaps everything is in perfect timing. I do think that whatever intelligence can make crop circles also could get our attention, and that the rate of realization could be purposeful on the part of the designers. It makes sense, being in such a complex machine of interconnection, that radical input could shake everything too much, and that it is a kindness to let us be myopic. Then again, when it's time, perhaps it will be so because of the efforts of people like us -- figuring out how to make organic movements within our world to open its eyes.

I like what you said on your website:

"Now let's say you were a member of a higher evolved race than we earth-humans at this time, and that you also wished to compassionately help us in our attempts of collective progress, and to perhaps invite us for a chat when we became sufficiently developed enough not to attack or worship you. For us to develop a more friendly philosophy, we would need to keep calm amongst the unknown, and be willing to tentatively show trust - that is, need to have enough trust already imbued in ourselves, that we can relax when a stranger offers his hand - and this must come from within us collectively. You couldn't lift us up too directly, or just put us on the best path to walk, because then we wouldn't develop our own muscles or eyes, and wouldn't feel motivated to do the necessary work.

"Collectively, we'd need to agree together that you existed at all, before we'd make serious preparations for a meeting, and if you kept your distance but within sporadic sight, some of us might get paranoid and prepare more for some sneaky guerrilla attack than for a peaceful card-game. So you might leave some symbolic gift and your calling-card with a pretty design on it (even though it was in some strangely-familiar foreign language), just near our house. Then we'd know you were around and could approach us, but did not intend to intrude. Our interpretation and understanding of your message might still be a long way off, but we'd take time to consider who this being could be and what his little gift might be useful for. "

I look forward to the fruits of your labor. Count me in.

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