Jonathan Margolis had been commissioned
to write a book about Uri Geller, and
wasn't sure if Geller bent spoons for
real. I sent him to Gary Sinclair, who
had taught me. This is what resulted!!

URI GELLAR Magician or Mystic?
Excerpt from New Book Released November 16, 1998
Page 259-261 by Author Jonathan Margolis

Jack Houck is a man with a mission, but not a glory-seeker: he seems to have been happy just to help the cause of parapsychology with hi PK parties. Five years ago, he taught spoon-bending at a convention of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Among the participants was a therapist called Gary Sinclair, who was in his forties and originally from Maine. Sinclair had a special interest in the power of mind over matter. When he was thirty six, and eighty per cent incapacitated by multiple sclerosis and a lifetime lung condition, his doctor broke it to him that soon he would have to start using a wheelchair. Sinclair decided to heal himself by will power, and believes he did so. Five years later, the former restaurant manager was no longer taking medication for the MS and was, he says, winning ice-skating championships. Now he is a remarkably youthful and fit fifty-three year-old, and has re-invented himself as the ultimate south Californian therapist. (He teaches mind, body spirit healing.)

The walls of his consulting room in his beautiful Solana Beach apartment, which is on the Pacif north of San Diego, are covered with qualifications in an exotic pick'n'mix of therapies. He is certified, among many other things, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, advanced neurodynamics, Time-Line Therapy, past life therapy, transpersonal hypnotherapy, and bridging mind, body and spirit. He has gone on to combine all these therapies into a therapy of his own invention, which he calls cyberphysiology. 'I created it,' he told me, 'because it incorporates all of the transpersonal works together, whether it is spirit releasement or wounded child or soul retrieval or past-life regression or hypnotherapy or neuro-linguistic programming. I designed the therapy of therapies.'

He has a waiting list of clients happy to pay $1,500 for an intensive 'life clean-out'. To his vast repertoire of therapies, Gary Sinclair has recently, thanks to PK parties, added spoon bending as a metaphor for healing. And he promises, you don't have to go to all the trouble of a party to learn to bend a spoon. He can teach on a one-to-one basis - and tutored me to the first, most basic level of manually assisted spoon-bending in less then half an hour. After getting me to mangle a series of progressively bigger spoons as if they were made of Plasticine, he had me coil up the handle of a huge, heavy-gauge cooking spoon into a tight corkscrew that looked as if it had taken an hour on an engineers's bench to create. People back in England still gasp at the thing, try to unbend it - which they can't - and ask me how I did it. All I can answer is that I don't know, but it seemed effortless at the time, as if the spoon were made of rubber. The following, however, is a transcript of my tape of Gary's instructions to the first part of his spoon-bending course, which may work for some people even without his highly charismatic presence. I suggest you use the instructions first with a light teaspoon, and progress through the cutlery drawer.

First of all you have to find the energy of you on the inside. Where is your energy on the inside? How do you find the energy of you? Close your eyes, and in the process of closing your eyes, I want you to think of me walking up to you with an envelope. In this envelope is a letter, this letter tells you everything that you need to know about the rest of your life. All the questions that you wanted answered are inside this letter, and in addition to that, there is a winning ticket for the lottery for $70 million. I have to decide whether I am going to give you this letter or not. It is your letter. Is that true? Whoever wrote it absolutely wanted you to have it, because it explains all the answers to the rest of your life, and then they added in this little gift of $70 million. I want you to notice what it feels like when you have this letter coming. OK? . . . And then I want you to notice what it feels like when I stand in front of you and tear the letter up. Feel the feeling as I tear it into all these pieces. Now open your eyes. Notice that you are actually feeling something, you are feeling an energy. Where do you feel the feeling? Well, that feeling, that's you, that energy is you. You must feel the energy that is you. Find the energy inside you. Once you have the ability to feel who you are, you can simply bring that energy into your hands. It is a fireball. Take the fireball and slowly move it with your hands. That energy will go wherever you pay attention. When you pick up an object like this and you intend it to bend, and you know that where you pay attention is where the energy goes, then the energy is going to go there . . . focus between the fingers . . . you expect it to bend . . . make an agreement with the metal that it is going to bend . . . now go!

After I had bent a couple of small spoons, Sinclair told me, 'You are now at the point where you know that it is going to bend. What you have to do next is visualize it bent, and know that what you are doing is getting the metal to bend ahead of time, as you see it in your mind, so that you know you are now transferring your energy to that metal, so that it will in fact bend.' It was now that I bent the big spoon. (Picture of spoon in book next to one Uri bent. Author's is the corkscrew.)

'You can't believe you did it,' he explained, 'but the reason that you did it was that, at the time, you didn't doubt that you could. You see, everyone else is still trying to make some scientific phenomenon out of it, but it isn't a scientific phenomenon, it's a fact. Once you believe you are capable of doing it, from that point on, it's possible.

Added Note: Sinclair now relates this teaching to the process of healing with many clients.

I receive numerous emails from people asking me how they can get in touch with Gary. Gary passed on this email he sends to people who are referred to him from our site. -Suzanne-

Thanks for requesting further information about spoon bending through Suzanne Taylor's Website. There is very little that can be added to the clear directions that are given, as Suzanne will tell you. The missing element for most people is simply the personal power of belief. Belief is the power of potentiality that makes the process easier. It is like a switch in all things in life -- you can or can't based on your belief.

Perhaps for some you need to start with a little simplier project like cloud melting. Try this to create the belief that you have the ability to send your energy into another object. Pick a day when the clouds are moving slow and there are some nice little puffs out there along with the bigger ones. Focus your eyes right into the middle of one of those small puffs and simply allow yourself the feeling of connection with that cloud much like you would connect with a loving relative. Then love the cloud while you stay with that feeling of having connected with it in a loving mode. Stay focused on the center of the cloud and your connection feeling. Over time . . . you will discover the cloud with melt, as the power of your love heats the molecule particles that are surrounded by moisture and the cloud will disappear. It is important that you not start the process and then keep checking to see what is happening. Every time you stop the connection process to check on what is happening, you turn off the evaporation warmth. Say focused and you will realize while doing the process that it is disappearing. Just stay with it. I taught this to a group of high school students who then skipped their next class to melt more clouds.

Another project you can easily do is to change the chemical structure of a beverage just by your thought. Here is the testing process for you to use. Pick any beverage. For my clients, I use grapefruit juice or any fruit juice. Set up two glasses of exactly the same beverage -- same amount in each glass. Place one somewhere out of the area so that you will not be tempted to think about it while you are doing the process. With the other, just like the cloud, allow yourself to peer right into the center of the glass and use the same loving intention to make the beverare smoother and sweeter. It actually takes about 15 seconds after you get beyond your doubt. For many I recommend they hold the intention for one minute the first time. Then taste test the beverage in the glass you changed. Then taste the beverage in the glass you put away. Be ready to amaze yourself. You will have increased the vibration and lowered the density of the molecules so that it becomes smoother and sweeter. And yes, you can ruin a good beverage by thinking of it with hatred. Some of my fun times have been with someone in Germany who emailed me to change a bottle of wine for them in Germany from here in California. We set up a time to meet on line. When we met, they held the bottle in their right hand, while I sent the loving intent from here. Now they do their own bottles. Interesting how a cheap bottle of wine can be made to taste so expensive. Here is a web site that will show you some pictures of the changes in water molecules using thought: Miraculous Messages from Water.

After doing these easy procedures, spoon bending will be just as easy as it became for Suzanne. From my perspective, I ONLY teach spoon bending as a metaphor for healing. It teaches you that you are, and you become what you focus on.

(Read what I wrote in my commentary after Gary taught me to bend spoons.)

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