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The following are excerpts from our Website re Yukio:

Excerpted from Social Commentary:

A wave of new teachers has been sweeping through the country. In the last wave, people like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, and books like "The Celestine Prophesy" and "Conversations with God" let mass culture know there was another way to see. This current wave is taking people beyond mental understanding to a realm of direct knowing. It feels like the pay dirt we've all prayed for, where the reality of our oneness can subsume our painful state of separation.

The teacher who is doing the work that most specifically aims at making the hook-up between flesh and soul is Yukio Ramana, whom Mighty Companions has been hosting in Los Angeles. He will be in L.A. from June 12 to June 30.

Excerpted from Social Commentary:

I like to think we are in the One Work. This is becoming tangible to me now, as it never has before, thanks to a wave of teachers who are engaging people in a non-dualistic awareness where we know we are One.

Mighty Companions hosts Yukio Ramana, one of those teachers. Out of the lineage of the great Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi, Yukio was asked to "teach as Ramana" by his teacher, Poonja-ji. Yukio, who is steeped in psychological smarts, brings people to what he calls "a radical awakening to a direct realization of the Self," which is the penultimate discovery that shifts identity evermore.

This awakening to the Self and to Oneness that is sweeping through L.A. could well become "The Great Los Angeles Wake-Up!" Naming has a power; it energizes a possibility. Seeing that we are in the One Work could help to bring a mass awakening about!

Excerpted from Social Commentary:

I see the understanding that has been the province of saints and gurus becoming generally accessible now. It is a ground of being in a "place that passeth all understanding," where we handle ordinary reality from a perspective outside of duality. Becoming seated in the emptiness that holds all fullness is the new turn of the evolutionary spiral.

To guide us in making this shift, I am very high on Yukio Ramana. His teacher, Poonjaji, was Ramana Maharshi's disciple. Poonjaji was the last guru in a lineage that is the most sophisticated body of Eastern spiritual thought, where self-inquiry discovers the God within. During the few years before he died (the same day as Mother Theresa), Poonjaji sent several of his students out to teach people how to become as realized as he was. It is as if we are standing on the shoulders of those who sat at the feet of the guru. We are a learning species, growing from absorbing one another in a universe of consciousness -- witness four- minute miles being ordinary now. The idea which has recently broken through is that we can come all the way awake, in a total shift of identity and understanding, and that we can be in an awakened circle together.

Yukio is adept at traversing inner space. (He's a medical hypnotherapist who works with cancer patients, and the author of training manuals for transpersonal psychotherapy.) He calls his workshop "Radical Awakening," and says you'll never have to take another one to discover your Self. Not only does he tune people into primal awareness, but, in a grand democratization, those people can turn around and tune others in. At the dynamic meeting of heaven and earth, in the freedom we have sought, we are in fertile ground for our engagement as mighty companions.

Excerpted from the Mighty Companions Bulletin Board:

George Snoddy (gsnoddy@mrmicro.net)

I read your December 18 Social Commentary. Thank you for quoting me. Yes, The Internet is a wonderful tool for connecting us together in this physical world, yet we know that the ultimate connection will be when we are all awake. This awakening process is what intrigues me the most these days.

Me, too. In fact, we have to check out where each other is. There is a head knowing, but then there is a knowing as a ground of being. The work we're doing around here now is with that. As Yukio guides you into yourself, working with biofeedback, he gives you a "tap" when you reach the state of primal awareness. People describe it being the same as what is reported by those who get there through near-death, etc.
Excerpted from the Mighty Companions Bulletin Board:

From: Yukio Ramana (YukioRama@aol.com)

I believe that circles of people coming together in communion herald's the dawning of the new age. The success of such a venture relies largely on the collective vision of the group. As a good scientist, I am curious and in wonderment of the possibility of such an experiment.

Re the conversation with the folks at Inner Directions, the teachings coming out of the Ramana Ashram, which expound the deepest truth, are cryptic and esoteric. I believe that the audience for such a teaching, in its current form of dissemination, will be confined to a small group.

With my background in transpersonal psychology, I feel that I bring a bridge to bring this teaching to the common person. I have developed an experiential approach to the teaching which I feel distills it to common factors everyone can relate to without losing the essence of the work.

This is the time for the democratization of enlightenment. Although the Ramana Maharshis of the world will always be held as our model of perfection, I feel the next step is for each and every one of us to "become Ramana," and to pass that awareness on to every life we touch. Through the work I have been doing with "Radical Awakening," I believe I have a vehicle for this process.

My vision is to expand the number of people who are involved in the ongoing conversation of maturing the process of self-inquiry. I already see it happening, and it seems that the folks at Inner Directions would be an important voice in this conversation.

I keep thinking that there is a key we are playing with. Here's what I wrote to my friends at Inner Directions:

"Because Yukio is such a good guide, I was looking to expose him to you. I have this feeling that he is a kind of quintessential marriage between the teaching and the times we are in. Who better than you to evaluate? And now that you're convening the family at a conference, what he's doing could serve that. When people come together, it's not a done deal that a profound sharing takes place, even though that's what we yearn for in our hearts. I think Yukio opens a field for an authentic encounter. I get all kinds of ideas about your involvment with him, feeling blessed that I know you all so I can be a go-between."

Excerpted from the Mighty Companions Bulletin Board:

TO: Arjuna Da Silva (MaArjuna@aol.com)

It has been very eventful here, with Richard Hoagland (face on Mars) here for the last 3 weeks. Barbara Marx Hubbard came for a day -- he was her science advisor 20 years ago. At the same time, we were doing a "Radical Awakening" workshop with Yukio Ramana. It's self-inquiry out of the Ramana Maharshi lineage. Aha, you are the Gangaji girl. They were both sent out to teach by Poonjaji. Yukio does the work differently -- he's an intimate guide.

I like the idea that a collective learning has been going on that doesn't have to be recapitulated by every new person, so that without decades of Zen meditation, we can discover that place of awakeness within ourselves now. I hope it's true. So far so good. Am in timeless awareness, watching the parade of life. Hoagland was impressed -- he wants to put something on the Internet to clue people in. Barbara was agog, too. How good that makes me feel.

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